2020 skincare


A simple title, but still an important post if you care about (or just have an interest in) skincare products. I compiled most of my collection that was easily visible/accessible & then took photos of the core products I use daily! I separated them into my morning & nighttime routines + some holy grail items I’m so lucky to have found…

Good morning

YesTo Watermelon face wipes

These are the best really any time of day ^ but they’re super gentle on the skin, so I like to use them in the morning to just wipe the sleep away & give my face some hydration to start the day!

Goldfaden MD Bright Eyes

This is another product that can be used day & night ^ but if you’re like me, you got those zombie eyes in the morning. So I’ll take all the help I can get! This is super easy to use too bc it’s got a little pump top.

Clinique dramatically different hydrating jelly

This is my favorite moisturizer because no matter what state my skin is in, this never irritates it! It’s basically just adding straight up water into your face, but instead of drying or dripping off…it soaks in so well.

The Ordinary Niacinamide

This stuff has changed my skin in the best way! Niacinamide is like a miracle ingredient, just make one search on Google & you’ll see all the amazing benefits. I like to use it all over my face in the morning, but since it’s transformed my skin, I don’t use it every single day anymore (:

Neutrogena Rapid Clear spot gel

This one is definitely just an as-needed product for when you wake up with a new bump on your face (hate it when that happens). But it’s perfect to pop on in the morning & let it works it’s magic all day!

It Cosmetics CC+

Kind of in the middle ground of skincare & makeup, but I honestly love this stuff. I’ve never worn foundation, but I feel this is the next best thing! It’s full coverage & has multiple benefits for your face including SPF 50+ (this shade is a touch tanner than my actual skin, but it makes me look alive).

~ B A R E ~ S K I N ~ S E L F I E S ~

Good night

Urban Skin Rx cleansing bar

You’ve seen it on TikTok, and now you’re seeing it here ^ this stuff is no joke. It really works wonders for clearing up your skin! It smells lovely & makes your face so soft (:

Burt’s Bees micellar cleansing water

Plain & simple way to remove any makeup at the end of the day ^ never burns my eyes or makes my skin feel extra-sensitive!

Fourth Ray Waterfall gentle tonic

New favorite skincare product! This stuff smells so wonderful & feels even better on my face right after cleansing. I knew I recognized the scent & it ended up being the castor oil in this toner that smells just like the soap my tattooist uses to clean up.

Sunday Riley Good Genes lactic acid treatment

This smells so good too ^ which is strange since the top scent is definitely licorice. Another product that aids in clearing skin while making your face feel extra soft (:

Derma-e ultra hydrating alkaline gel booster

Now this one is an essential ^ they’ve changed the formula to be much more watery/thin, but it still does the job! This is perfect to pat into your skin when you really need the extra hydration. Exactly what I like before bed (:

Knours skin meditation gel cream

My nighttime moisturizer ^ it’s just a tad bit heavier than the Clinique gel. Super soothing on the skin & very nice formula!

Fourth Ray Mellow Milk mist

I use this throughout the day really, but it’s so nice after the entire skincare routine. Just the cherry on top to hydrate while smelling so soothing as you get ready for bed. Another one of my new faves (:

Awake lip mask

I’ve learned I have to apply this with a Q-tip as its super sticky, so if you try to apply it with your fingers…it’s so difficult to wash it off your hands. That aside, I LOVE this product. My lips are a constant struggle, so I need a great lip mask & this is it!

~ G L O W I N G ~ S K I N ~ S E L F I E S ~

Go-to masks

The only masks I own that I KNOW I’ll be using over & over again (just ordered 5 more tubes of the olive oil one). The balancing one is jelly-like & I’ve left it on overnight before. The other is perfect for deep cleansing & clearing skin overtime!

Tools of the trade

I just use generic cotton pads for things like micellar water & toner. Q-tips are perfect for the lip mask + cleaning up makeup looks. The individually wrapped ones are actually olive oil infused to remove lash glue and/or magnetic liner!

Holy grail products

While this spot treatment is a little weirder than most, it works amazingly well ^ you just leave it separated, dip a Q-tip all the way down into the pink portion…then dot it onto your acne & leave overnight! The lip balm is def more expensive than your average chapstick but for good reason! It’s revolutionary if you ask me: a lip treatment that trains your lips to hydrate themselves? Crazy, but it works & I absolutely adore it (:

On the way

Here’s a few more beauty products that I’ve ordered recently to try for the first time ^ I’ll be reviewing them on the blog once they arrive & I can get a good couple uses out of them in order to form my opinion. Stay tuned for that post in the future (:

~ T H A N K S ~ F O R ~ R E A D I N G ~

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