Ipsy f0r August


I wanna preface this by saying…if you have any trouble with your eyesight, please put on your glasses to read this post or if needed- grab a magnifying glass as these products are definitely the tiniest I’ve ever received in an Ipsy Glam Bag. Drama aside, I was very disappointed with this month’s products (particularly the eyeshadow). I ended up buying some extras cause it was such a sad mix & didn’t even bother with a try-on at the end of it all. Not worth it. I’ll show you what they sent me for August…

The bag & the mix

More like the bag & the mess ^ if you can’t tell by the products being in the bag itself how small they are, don’t worry as I’ll show a photo with my hand beside them in reference below. This bag is pretty dope, but it gets fingerprint-y pretty quickly. I love how it reflects the light in such a prism way! I received almost all skincare this month, which is fine, but it’s one of the reasons I decided against try-on photos…

Why so tiny?

I get that Ipsy has to make their money somewhere, so they send almost every product as a sample/trial/travel size. But these are ridiculous! How am I supposed to get enough use out of these to give a proper review? Of course most of them were less than 3 stars anyways, but the eyeshadow was def a 1 star & I even wrote my review…

GlamGlow BrightEyes illuminating anti-fatigue eye cream

I’ll give them a slight break on this one cause I understand you don’t need to use a lot of product when it comes to eye creams, they don’t have to cover your whole face. But…they take time to work & I still don’t think the size of this warrants any kind of long term use enough for me to form an opinion on the product (or see results). WTF

Inc.Redible Cosmetics Rollerbaby the original rollerball gloss in Rolling Like A Honey

The saving grace of this bag ^ funnily enough I had just ordered Colourpop’s roller gloss from their new Candyland-inspired collection, but always happy to have another! This is so lovely. The scent is subtle & sweet while the formula isn’t sticky at all. It actually keeps your lips looking glossy for quite a while as well, unlike a few other (probably cheaper) ones I’ve tried before. This was another reason I didn’t do a try-on for this post…as one of only 2 makeup products for August, this one shows up clear. So what’s the point?

Skin Regimen microalgae essence

This was another interesting product ^ a serum-type skincare item that aids in hydration, radiance, and energizing skin. Probably couldn’t have picked a more perfect formula for my summer routine! I’m still not sure it’s actually doing anything when I use it, but I adore adding the extra steps. Makes me feel a little more accomplished when taking care of my face!

Illamasqua powder eyeshadow in Hoard

Not only is the name of this shadow kind of gross-sounding, but there’s so many other issues I have with this that I wish I could tell right to the computer that generates product picks for my bags each month…

It’s the smallest eyeshadow I’ve ever seen.

It’s in the same color family as all the shadows I’ve received from Ipsy during my entire subscription lifetime: metallic, shimmery, gold/silver/bronze/rose gold…

I was honestly so offended by this laughable-sized “sample” that I didn’t even bother trying to make a look out of it. I probably would run out of product anyways. So I do apologize for no try-on!

Sunday Riley ICE ceramide moisturizing cream

I chose this product at the end of last month thinking OMG Sunday Riley? Of course I’m choosing that to come in my bag! Alas, it’s also teeny tiny. This one I think I understand the most (of all the itsy bitsy items), because I know how expensive the brand is. I haven’t used this much as…you guessed it: my face is giving me problems once again! But I did apply it two nights in a row & it felt wonderful on my skin. I had no doubts it would be a top tier product, but I wish I could try more of it!


I literally just got these today, so I haven’t tried any of them yet (except the Canadian Clay Pore Cleanser bc I’ve had it before), so I’ll just add some closer photos below of each of the products I impulsively bought because of how disappointed I was with my regular Glam Bag this month lol

Skyn Iceland pure cloud cream

I cannot wait to try this! This brand has amazing masks that I’ve used in the past, but having a nicely-sized tub of face cream? Even better if you ask me! So hype!

Papa Recipe eggplant clearing cleansing foam

This doesn’t have a smell at all from the bottle, but maybe it will when I’m lathering it up to wash my face? Hopefully it’ll smell nice lol not even sure what an eggplant smells like unless it’s being cooked Italian-style. Looking forward to trying this out!

Neogen Code9 black volume cream

Please let me know in the comments if any of you have used this before? I have no idea if my skin will have a reaction to it as I really don’t know the formulation. It seems to be a hydration agent, so I’m crossing my fingers it’ll be good for my skin type… thought it was a hair product from the name at first & I def don’t need more volume there lol so I’m glad it’s for my face!

Purlisse blue lotus seed mud mask + exfoliant

I will use this very carefully until I know how exfoliating it is because I’ve heard some scary stories of ppl using products with seeds in them to scrub their faces. This is a mask, so I’ll probably just glop it on, then remove it very gently when it dries. I love the blue lotus serum, so I hope this is just as nice of a product as that!

Canadian Clay pore cleanser

I’ve had this before & OMG it’s so nice. One of the few pore-cleansing products that don’t completely deplete my skin. Sometimes stuff like this pulls out more than just the bad…not this formula! If you’ve never tried it, I would totally recommend. I actually let Justin use the last bit of my previous pot of it cause I knew it would work super well for him too (:

Brushes from Firma & SLMissGlam

Just your regular eyeshadow brushes. Whenever I see a set in the “sale” page on Ipsy, I snatch them up cause who doesn’t need more brushes? I love them all ❤

That’s it for this month’s Ipsy reviews. I hope you all enjoyed reading them much more than I enjoyed what I received lol someday I’ll get a bag of stuff I’m not too negative about… I’m positive of that! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend xo

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