August fav0rites


Don’t even get me started on my blogging schedule… I don’t know how I managed to screw it up this bad, but instead of the normal favorites post as the last post of the month & notes as the first of the next, it got pushed forward. I was so upset with myself cause I was doing so well with keeping on track! Happy September 1st everyone!

Food & drink

We’ve been trying to eat healthier this past month (as you’ll see in my upcoming notes post), so these ^ treats were from some cheat days in August. We had a few sweets like donuts or sugary drinks: Starbucks & bubble tea ❤ while also indulging in the occasional ordered-in pizza from Papa John’s or Chanello’s (gluten-free & topped with delicious veggies of course) YUMMY


ACNH stickers & Crocs Jibbitz from Etsy ^ a personal humidifier for my bedside table, a hammerhead shark in resin on a leather band handmade by someone from my hometown, and a fancy tie-dye bucket hat!

Colored contact lenses from OLENS

Now I’d like to preface this section by saying this wouldn’t even be possible without the generous help of our very own Mandy Cherie, blogger/vlogger/YouTouber/Influencer/TikToker/rising star! I first heard of this brand because of her & when I was having trouble with purchasing, I turned to her for help. She was happy to assist me & so kind in doing so ❤ I’m in love with all of the lenses you see above & actually have another green pair + blue pair that I have yet to try. They’re very high quality & I even have my Rx in all of them!

Press-on nails

I never thought I’d be the one to fall in love with these, but they’re so much fun! The designs are super cute & who wouldn’t adore a manicure that doesn’t chip or flake off? I’ve tried 3 different brands so far, all around the same price point of $12-$16 per set. Static, Clutch, and Marmalade. I like them all pretty equally! I guess it just depends on preference of style or what they have in stock on their website at the time you’re looking to buy. The long, colorful flames are called Hot Girl Stunner by Clutch & the shorter, sparkly ombré are Starlite also by Clutch. I hope you like (:

Fave looks of the month

Getting to see my sisters was just a highlight of the past few weeks in general ^ luckily, we’ve all been following the protocols & have been in good health enough to visit each other! I also was pretty proud of the look I threw together last night for Justin’s birthday dinner. You may remember my first attempt at using my new Colourpop goodies? That was a lot of fun (: and when we attended this year’s gun show (also for Justin’s birthday), I wore the outfit pictured above: with the mask. I felt super cute, even though it’s very much not something I’d normally wear…I like it!

Those were my faves for the month of August that’s already passed us by. I’ll try to be more thorough when it comes to writing down dates for blog posts this month & planning them out cause I still can’t figure out how I managed to get the monthly ones that much off track! Oh well, I’ve messed up worse before lol thanks for reading xo

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