August’s n0tes


Another weirdly-timed monthly post, but I promise October’s will be back on track lol I’ve been quite sick the past few weeks with who knows what. Some kind of stomach bug I’m guessing cause I’ve just been super nauseous & stuck with debilitating motion sickness some days. That’s made the last of the three goals I had for the past month unachievable as I’ve just been resting it off. Trying not to overdo it…

The failed attempt

What I was hoping to get done this month was organizing my makeup area in the spare room ^ I use my desk as my vanity to get ready whenever I actually put on any makeup to go out. It’s become extra messy as of late from multiple occasions of rushing to get through a cat-eye liner or finding the correct set of lashes or touching up my lipstick shape…whatever the case, it needs to be cleaned up & if I hadn’t saved this task for the end of August, it probably would’ve been accomplished. I didn’t expect to get sick all of the sudden & especially didn’t expect it to put me out of commission so much so that I wouldn’t be able to finish one of my goals. I did actually manage to pick up all the tissues, cotton pads, and Q-tips that had been laying around from cleaning up makeup looks. So that’s one step in the right direction!

Get YouTube subscriptions straight

Justin has a premium YouTube account, meaning he doesn’t see any adds in the middle of videos. I don’t pay for my account & I get my own notifications on my phone, so I want my own subscriptions (and I don’t want to see any of his channels popping up on mine). So it was about time I figured out who I wanted on my account since I had found a lot of new channels thru his account that I hadn’t yet added on mine yet, therefore I wasn’t getting the notifications when they were posting new videos. Confusing, I know! But you’ll see above ^ I made a list on my phone of all the channels I need to subscribe to on my account & I also screenshot some of the ones I’m already subscribed to…this was just something nice to keep my head clear & organize my notifications better so I don’t miss anyone’s newest content (:

Trying to eat better in general

Training myself to eat better has been difficult, but I’ll show you one way we’ve been doing so below…things we’ve been working on have been eating fresher foods like fruits, smoothies, cereals that have multi grains & seeds + eggs in the morning instead of something super salty like bacon (not that I eat that anyway, but Justin would). Mostly, we’ve just tried to order in less & when we do order in, we try to either order healthier or just order in a cheat meal one time per month or at whatever lesser increment it may be. It’s been a strange change, but I know it’s better for the both of us & we’ve been doing well!

Daily Harvest

Our biggest helper towards healthier eating has been Daily Harvest. I’ve always wanted to try it, so we threw caution to the wind & order our first box in August. So far we’ve liked most of the things we’ve tried from them, although not everything is going to be 10/10. It’s all vegetarian, so we keep a bag of Tyson’s chicken cubes in the freezer if we feel like adding some extra protein to our meals. A lot of them still have plenty of needed nutrients like chickpeas though! We get 24 items each week, so we’re not eating these for every meal either. We still have fish some nights, cereal some mornings, etc. But it’s so much better than the way we were eating before (which was almost every meal ordered in). Tacos twice a week isn’t good for us when we aren’t getting our exercise…maybe when the heat dies down & we can get out for walks everyday again, we can treat ourselves to fast food. But it shouldn’t be the majority of our meals at any point. I don’t know if we’ll stick with these DH meals forever, but it’s gave us the right kick in the butt we needed to eat healthier again & we’re glad for it (:

That’s it for August’s notes. I might add some photos of my cleaned up makeup desk to next month’s notes post, but I won’t make it an actual goal since it was supposed to get done this go around. I hope I can get over whatever sickness has been bogging me down lately cause I wanna be productive! Big things ahead. I thank you all for reading today & as always, I hope you have a wonderful weekend xo

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