Sept’s pets


Just your local blogging crazy cat lady back at it again with the pet post for this month! These are truly my favorite things to put up on my blog cause not only are these super simple to slap onto WordPress, but they’re just downright wholesome photos of fur babies & froggos. Who doesn’t love that? (:

The little man

He’s out at it again ^ we’ve been having a little bit more landscaping done in the backyard this past month, so we’re seeing a little bit less of him. But sometimes he’ll surprise us with how brave he can be popping out of his hole to rummage around the jungle of our yard & eat whats left of the brush deep in the back of the woods!


I didn’t catch a lot of snaps of our gorl last month, but trust me when I say I’ve already got so many good ones coming for next month! She’s been much more active since we installed the UVB light in the tank (which is what it’s supposed to aid in). But that also means she’s been exploring different nooks to hide in where I can’t always get a good picture of her…

Oscar & Chelsea

My cat (and one sneaky photo of my dad’s girlfriend’s dog at the end there ^) just being the cutest. After losing his brother around this time last year & losing our frog Fear in July, it’s really been hitting me how little time we have with some of our best friends. I want to cherish these moments & make as many memories as we can, while we can. He’ll be celebrating his Super Sweet 16 this month on the 12th ❤

I hope you all enjoyed these photos as much as I did taking them & looking at them again as I uploaded them tonight. I hope everyone is staying safe & healthy out there. Thanks so much for stopping by xo

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