The 0ther half


More spoiling my boyfriend with birthday gifts for his entire birth month! You may have seen my pervious post about the first half of the gifts that had arrived for Justin. This is the second half (minus a few that are pre-orders that won’t arrive until late September/early October) of those items!

Homemade (not by me) banana bread

This was from the gun show ^ we went to a few days before Justin’s actual birthday! They always have a few food vendors there & this lovely lady was selling some yummy-looking homemade baked goods, so I picked out a loaf of banana bread for him (:

Hot sauces

I picked out two different hot sauces for Justin’s birthday ^ Arizona Gunslinger which I found through watching Josh on Mythical Kitchen & Dragon In The Clouds which is a collaboration between Hot Ones and 88 Rising (it’s the new final hot sauce)!

Drive coffee

I saw these on a Facebook ad (feel like that’s how a lot of Justin’s gifts started) & it just screamed Justin to me ^ so I picked out 2 different flavors for him. They really only had fruity flavors available on their site…

Tortilla shell blanket

This is actually a throw from Wish ^ a great transition from the food category into the clothes category lol but I ordered the largest size cause I know how sketchy Wish can be, I wanted it to be big enough for the both of us! It’s super soft & actually held up well through the washer and dryer better than we thought it would. A good buy (:

5vibe silk kimono sets

I was also skeptical of this website only because I had never heard of it before ^ I made sure to check the size charts before buying because Asian sizes can be very small compared to American. I picked out 2 sets: grey/silver with cranes & emerald green with tigers. They did ship quickly & ended up being very good quality. Justin loves them, he’s been wearing them non-stop! He loves to wear them in the morning drinking his coffee, lounging on the couch, and out watering the lawn even. So cute (:

Solo set

Now this is very “Justin” in my opinion ^ he looks so fresh & summery in this set! I love how bright it is. The colors are so nice on him too. I think the shorts double as swim trunks because they have a lining in them!

Sand Cloud beach towels

Transitioning from clothes to accessories, we got the coolest beach towels ^ these Sand Cloud blankets basically repel sand when you lift them up at the beach & the proceeds go towards saving marine life ❤


After I got mine, of course, Justin wanted one of his own ^ so I was happy to get him one in a scent that he liked! The bourbon vanilla only comes in a two-pack lol but it smells really nice like tanning oil almost (:

Retro Pixel+

Just a little bit of desk jewelry ^ when Justin asked me what this was, I couldn’t really explain it to him…it’s a Bluetooth speaker firstly. It also lights up in different patterns, but it has multiple other features I can’t even think of or remember off the top of my head lol feel free to Google it! It’s definitely up his alley & he does like it a lot, so it’s a win for us both in the gift arena (:


Something useful ^ for some reason, Justin used to keep his keys on multiple different key rings. This has been a great way to ensure we never get locked out of the house by him having the wrong keys in his hand lol all keys in one place & no noisy jingling! Plus, since they’re all hidden, they can’t scratch up anything. Super compact!

The big kahuna

We got a grill (and a grill cover)! This is something we asked Justin’s parents for for his birthday & they gave us some gift cards for Home Depot that paid for about half of the price of the grill we ended up picking. So nice of them, we are blessed to have such generous family ❤ and then we found a universal cover that fits it + I got Justin an apron to wear when he’s grilling!

The best gift of them all

When I saw this sculpture on Etsy, it was many months ago. It’s an amazing art piece, so (as you can imagine) it had quite the hefty price tag… I didn’t buy it. Then in July- our dear Fear was sadly taken from us. At the beginning of August, I ordered the very last one available from this Etsy shop. It was fated. I made sure to send the artist a special thank you message, letting her know how especially grateful I was for this piece & how it would be both a memorial and a birthday gift. When Justin opened the box, he was blown away by how realistic it looked & still to this day, we keep looking at it and saying how real it looks! She did such an incredible job ❤

That’s all for now! Of course I’ll always be buying & making more gifts/presents for my sweetheart continuously cause I always find some occasion to spoil him for ^-^ but anywho, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend xo

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