Gr0wing c0llecti0n


Another haul of sorts! I don’t really know what to say since this is def quite a random assortment of items I’ve been documenting as they’ve come in the mail or more rarely, as I’ve picked them up at the store recently. I’ll let the photos do most of the talking…

Coffee, tea, and a mug for good measure

I kept getting an ad (isn’t that how all my hauls start?) for this lavender coffee, probably cause I adore all things lavender, but I thought since I’ve been trying a lot of new things lately- why not give it a shot? I didn’t like it at all, but I’m starting to realize I’m in that stage of my life again where I just can’t stomach coffee anymore lol but good thing is Justin loves it! More for him! This website: TeaLeaves might just be our new Teavana if we like their loose leaf blends enough to cough up the cash. I just got this package in a few days ago, so we haven’t had a chance to try them just yet. They look very high quality though from the packaging & information given alone (a good sign). I’m excited to try this Pantone color of the year 2020 Classic Blue herbal tea most, it’s the one that drew me in in the first place, then I was scrolling down the rabbit hole. Lastly, this adorable mug that combines my previous profession & my love of tea ^ it’s the cutest thing ever. It came in the mail today & the packaging for it is even themed as well, how hilarious?!


There’s a bunch of these so I’ll just list them off to make things a little bit easier for everyone (pictured, top to bottom): Libra necklace + tiny heart choker from Fashion Nova, Ronnie lanyard + stretch wallet from Threads, dagger choker + tiny bat stud + die hoop + dangle skull stud from Dalmata, brush-on nail glue from Static Nails, Starlite press-on nail set from Clutch Nails, Coach pearl bracelet, Obey jelly orange mini backpack, Thank You mask from Dollskill, pink G-Star Raw sweater from Depop seller (UK thrift shop). I love them!!!


I got this sweet little bear cushion off Etsy ^ and this giant Derby from Plush Life Co! He’s so big & soft & I love him, my new best friend. If you somehow haven’t seen him pop up on any of my other socials before this- now you’ve been properly introduced.

Hair, body, and soul

I saw this girl’s photo on Twitter & her curls were so gorgeous I had to ask what she uses, she recommended me these Miss Jessie’s products ^ I haven’t used them too many times yet & when I did, the weather wasn’t cooperating with me…so hopefully I can give them a fighting chance another time & show y’all what I think of them on my hair! I picked up a couple new body lotions while browsing at Ulta the other week with Justin. They had this stellar Harry Potter collection, so y’all know which one I had to go with. Then I found the most intoxicatingly soothing scented lotion of all time: lavender, rose, and chamomile? Yes. Lastly, these pillar candles from Bijou spoke to the witch in my soul on another level. I haven’t even lit them once, but let me tell you- my spare room smells lovely just from the boxes being open in there ❤

That was my entire haul from recent orders arriving & little shopping trips that I managed to remember to take photos of stuff I picked up lol I hope y’all enjoyed taking a look at what I got! Have a wonderful weekend as always & it’s autumn so get out, enjoy the weather, and prep for Halloween cause it’ll be here before we know it xo

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