Fresh face: new MU


I’ve been testing out makeup brands & products I’ve always wanted to try or been curious about lately. I haven’t put them all on my face just yet, but the ones I have given a go I’ve made sure to take pictures of the looks I created. Here’s the results!

Coloured Raine Heart of Stone liquid lip

This turned up way more blue in these photos because of the lighting, but I promise it’s a grey lipstick! I love it although my lips are super sensitive to liquid formulas, so I did have quite scaly skin the day after wearing this. I have it in a black color as well that I haven’t put on yet, but just from the first test…I’d say it’s a limited wear product for me lol good color!

KVD Vegan Beauty Tattoo Liner in black

I’ve always wanted to try this & honestly, idk why I haven’t picked it up before. I got a mini one in an Ipsy & fell in love with the formula. This was obvi no different. It’s the best eyeliner – hands down! Look at it on!

KVD Vegan Beauty OG Lolita lipstick

This one is also a cult classic that I should’ve had in my makeup bag years ago. It’s a gorgeous, universally flattering shade!

Colourpop Land roller gloss

This smells like candy!!! It glides on like glass & feels like I’m wearing nothing. It looks like the glowiest thing I’ve ever put on… I just adore this product so much (:

*and yes, I finally got the hang of using the Glamnetic magnetic liner & lashes, tyvm*

That’s all for this very splendid equinox! I hope you’re all well & celebrating accordingly. It’s a lovely time of year ❤

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