Ipsy f0r September


If y’all can’t tell how excited I am for the autumn season from this post, well let me just say I AM! The weather has cooled off & the spooky vibes are vibing ~ we’ve already decorated inside & out. I’m loving wearing my cardigans, jackets, all the fall clothes (: I even set up very special staging for my Ipsy photos this month, themed to match the bag! I hope you enjoy…

The set/stage

I changed up the top of our standing cabinet on the side of our kitchen by the bay window to be much more autumnal looking ^ I think it matches the theme of September’s Ipsy bag super well & made these pictures come out so cohesive in post!

The bag & the mix

This month’s bag is so my style! The mustard color, the corduroy fabric, the two-tone design of it all ^ I just adore it. As for the products I received: we almost got all fall colors besides that bright HOT pink mascara which is too funny cause that’s the item I chose this month lol but as much as it wasn’t a makeup-heavy bag, it’s a balanced mix & the end result look turned out better than I thought so keep reading!

Dewytree the clean lab ac dew foam

I actually haven’t tried this yet (and not because my skin is struggling this time) because I’ve been trying to stick to a stricter skincare routine! But I’m always looking forward to testing out new ones (:

Hempz ultra moisturizing herbal lip balm

This has a very off-putting smell/taste that I’m just not used to, but it feels very nice on the lips! So I would love to continue using it since it’s rare I find something that doesn’t have mint in it or doesn’t give my lips a bad reaction. I’ll just have to adjust to the smell/taste I guess. Love the ease of squeeze tube!

Maëlle Beauty enchanted eyeshadow collection single in pink diamond

Again, the same color family I always get eyeshadows in: rose gold, shimmery metals, etc. but this time I was able to multi-use this one for highlighter on my brow bones, tip of my nose, and cupid’s bow. It’s not super glittery so it worked well

Sundays nail polish in no. 18

Obviously haven’t tried this one either as the state of my nails is still perilous ^ but I’m trying to grow them out again after having worn press-on nails for so many weeks in a row lol but it’s so tempting to clip them all off & put another set on, ya know? In love with this deep color though…

Tarte big ego mascara in black

This was a big hard to work with since the handle is so tiny & the brush part takes up most of the wand, but since my final look didn’t include a full lid of eyeshadow… I just slapped this stuff all over & then cleaned up around my eyes with a Q-tip (:

Redeemed: Pixi by Petra endless silky eye pen

This is a brown shade that I can’t think of the name of or find it on the Ipsy app or remember if it was on the actual pen, but it’s a dark brown color. I used this in my final look for the top “waterline” so my lashes looked fuller after curling them ^-^

The final look

Hemp lip balm on the lips

Tarte mascara on the lashes

Pixi by Petra liner in the upper waterline

Maëlle shadow as inner corner, brow bone, tip of nose, and cupid’s bow highlight

*that’s all for September’s Ipsy* I hope you guys are enjoying the transition into fall & having a grand time celebrating the spooky season! Can’t wait to post our decor soon xo

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