September fav0rites


It’s the end of September – which means it’s almost October – which means it’s almost my birthday! But we’re here to talk about my faves, so here’s what I was loving the past 30 days/4 weeks/month/whatever (:

Food & drink

Starting off strong with everyone’s favorite favorite’s category ^ loved the cheat days this month having little treats like Wendy’s frosties & pizza. Still going strong with our Daily Harvest smoothies & meals! Toast with jams have been a fall staple meal in the morning. Drinks at home & out have been delicious this month! Calorie Mates have been a life saver when we sleep in too late, miss breakfast, etc. After getting Justin some Asian snacks for his birthday, we ordered more from the same website, including the always-yummy matcha Kit Kat’s pictured above & as the header (:

Myers-Briggs test

I took it again! Just because I found this cute little chart online & wanted to know which square I would be sorted into. Of course I’m a “domesticated baby” I mean, I couldn’t possibly be anything else lol but what I didn’t expect was that my result from the Myers-Briggs test was ISFJ-A or the defender personality type. I don’t think I’ve ever got this result any other time I’ve taken the test before, so it’s interesting how we change over the years & how our end result can change with us based on the answers we give during the test. That’s me!

Etsy & art Twitter

I bought the cutest cushion from Etsy (that’ll be in an upcoming post) & the artist drew this little bear on the outside packaging ^ and I’ve been following more artists on Twitter lately & got this little $2 Lizzie-me commission done by one of them! Isn’t it adorable? I’ve ordered some jewelry & stationery stuff from other stores that’ll be coming in over the next few weeks that I’ll put into future posts, so do keep an eye out for those if you like that (:


We’ve done quite a lot of shopping this September ^ whether it’s been restocking our kitchen cabinets or decorating for fall! I’ve had a lot of fun filling our cart in different stores like Target, Home Depot, Michael’s, Ulta, and a few random others (:

Contacts & clothes

I’ve still really been enjoying wearing my OLENS colored contact lenses since they have my exact Rx in them ^ and these are just a few of my favorite sweater from this past month. I didn’t want to put too many because I’m compiling a lookbook post to publish pretty soon actually & I’m really excited about how it’s coming together!


Always love using my MONQs personal essential oil diffusers ^ these 4 scent combos are the only ones I like out of all the ones they offer on their website, but they do have a lot more available. I totally recommend them cause they’re all natural & they’re just aromatherapy, not smoking. I also got some new Colourpop in September! A lip gloss I’ve been adoring & a heart face stamp. My favorite Lux gloss is Get Figgy Wit It which is a mauvey color. Lastly, we have this big Derby Bear from Plush Life Co. He’s floppy, he’s soft, he’s about as big as me – the definition of a fave!

Couple selfies

Justin is always my fave ❤ and even when we have to wear our masks, I still love taking photos with him & making as many memories as we can even in uncertain times. We’ve been doing very well lately & I’m really looking forward to my birthday! Even more our anniversary later on in October (21st) cause it’ll be 5 whole years!!!

That’s it for my favorites this month. I hope everyone had a spectacular September & you guys have an even better October, it is the best time of the year 😉 thanks as always for reading & for your continued support of me, my blog, and my spamming of photos!

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