September’s n0tes


Happy best-month-of-the-year aka October y’all! Hope every one is excited for some of my best (if I do say so myself) blog posts of the whole year! This is obvi my fave month cause of fall coming into full effect, the best holiday: Halloween, and your girl is a Libra so it’s my birth month as well – all in one! But putting that on hold for a second, let’s jump back to September to talk about my goals & what I accomplished last month…

Growing out brows to re-shape them

Def the most anti-climactic/lamest goal first, but something I’ve been meaning to get around to for quite some time ^ I keep wanting to re-shape my eyebrows, but I always just tweeze them the same (or too much) in the magnifying mirror. So I didn’t touch them, besides the middle, all month & then went very light on the tweezing at the end of September to give them a looser, fuller shape! I think they came out v well (:

Buy my bff (and her baby) bday gifts

My best friend & her lil baby girl have birthdays in November, so I wanted to get their gifts early. I didn’t take photos of the gifts I got for her daughter, but here’s what I bought my bff: a Scott McCall Beacon Hills lacrosse hoodie (MTV’s Teen Wolf), a black/floral skull bank, and the entire Colourpop sunflower collection! It’s her fave flower (:

I’m so excited about the last one that I’ll probably end up sending it to her sometime during October as a surprise early bday present so she can get the hang of the new makeup products & make a bomb makeup look on her actual birthday!

What I got her little girl is this elephant stuffed animal + blanket & a dish set with baby utensils that have a giraffe design ❤

Shop for Halloween decor

Oh boy did we achieve this one! We decorated too, but that’ll be shown in a future post lol I tried to take lots of pics during the shopping process as well as when we were putting stuff up inside & outside the house. I love the decor we managed to find this season! A lot of it isn’t specifically “Halloween-y” so you know I’ll be keeping stuff up all year round 😉 just wait & see what things I found to decorate my own space with. Y’all know I love that witchy stuff & all things mystical, magical!

BONUS: make something fun

We made this adorable taco fold-over things with crescent rolls ^ but I read the recipe wrong & had to have Justin run out to get more rolls so we could use the rest of the meat + tomatoes mixture to fill them up! Lol I’m a dummy, but they turned out delicious & it all worked out cause we got to fill the second batch more so they were a better ratio (not all dough). Def recommend

That’s all folks for last months notes! Hope you enjoyed a look back at the goals I set for myself & knocked outta the park. I’m proud of myself for getting these done, no matter how “easy” they may seem to some. I wanted to do them & I did – so I’m happy!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, I’ll be celebrating my 24th birthday tomorrow (: but I’ll be back Tuesday xo

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