Give them treats


October’s pet post has arrived! There will be more furry fun this Friday when I finally publish all the photos from Oscar’s birthday bash we celebrated back in mid-September so keep an eye out for that (: it’s gonna be super fabulous & equally CUTE

Miscellaneous creatures

We’ll start off with the rare sightings ^ a huge praying mantis was on our front door! I used zoom to take the photos cause it was following me with its eyes & I was terrified it would jump on my face or something lol also got a great shot of the little man’s (our resident backyard groundhog) big behind! He’s so fuzzy! Then there’s Derby taking up the whole couch 😉


He had a vet trip last month for routine bloodwork & his levels are just a little higher, so his renal failure is only slightly worse. At his age, we know it can’t completely turn around, but the doc says to keep doing what we’re doing: diet, lots of water, etc. and he can still be healthy for as long as we can take care of him. He’s doing very well otherwise. He still gets around just fine for a 16 year old feline! He has a big appetite & always loves to cuddle us ❤

Misery bean

She’s loving the new light we got for her tank ^ it’s supposed to help with keeping them active & we think she’s still getting used to it, but she sings for us almost every night! She’s hunting well & growing into her new mailbox with expeditious speed!

I hope you liked looking at my pets this month! I’ll have lots more photos in the next post & at the beginning of next month if these are your favorites to look through. Thanks as always for stopping by xo

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