MTV’s My Super Sweet 16


It’s time to celebrate! Oscar turned 16 back on September 12th but it’s taken me all this time to get all the photos together. Yes, my spoiled boy is the big 1-6 & here’s his party!

The outfits

I went onto to get my boy his luxury clothing for his birthday bash! Of course these aren’t legit designer, so they weren’t any kind of crazy prices, but it’s still funny to put him in these branded names. I wanted to make a big deal of it (:

The grand entrance

Just the old tv show, he had his throne ^ it even matched one of his little shirts! So cute…although he didn’t wanna sit still lol

The cake(?)

This is why he was squirming in his seat ^ his “cake” of sorts was a big bowl of food & treats (hidden) mixed in with some numbered candles I put in there just for the photos, we didn’t actually light them cause they wouldn’t stand up properly. He had a nice big meal & then it was nap time.

In the Gucci

No tantrums from this teen & I’m glad! He seemed to enjoy his birthday, but seeing as he probably thought it was just another day & he was getting pampered for no reason at all…he was a happy camper (:

Sporting Supreme LV

I’m not sure which outfit he preferred, but I’m relieved to know I measured his body correctly & ordered the right size for him. If you think you have a pet the same size as him from photos (based on how big he looks in my arms, etc.), he was a medium. This little vest is so sweet on him ^-^ love it!

He was honestly so content, he slept most of his birthday. Which sounds like a cat’s perfect day really. He wasn’t a diva which was more than I could’ve asked for as the mom figure during all of this. A successful sweet 16 for our dear fur baby Oscar xo

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