Ipsy f0r Oct0ber


This is my favorite month, my favorite bag, and finally some good freaking goodies! I did add some skincare things that I didn’t get photos of, but I’ll just list them here: Kate Somerville Kx Squalene + Hyaluronic Serum & Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Serum! I don’t mind switching up serums in my routine cause they don’t tend to knock my skin as out of whack as if I were to change a more important product more often. Anyways, it’s Ipsy time! Let’s open this month’s bag!

Set, bag, theme!

Not as catchy, huh? Thank you Ipsy for slaying October with the witchy vibes ^ love all the art, the designs, just all around my style. It’s beautiful, what else can I say?

The mix

Omg are we gonna make a whole makeup look with this one bag of items? Yes, and we can do it with ease! I actually managed to be on the side of Lady Luck this month & snagged not only a mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow palette, and brush…but also the product I chose to add is tinted hydrator!

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics smokey eye mascara in black

Love. It’s a black mascara, what’s not to adore? I can always use more so I’ll literally never be able to run out of mascara. Love!

Doucce ultra precision eyeliner in black

I don’t know what’s “precise” about this, but it’s a crayon eyeliner & the tip cracked off while I was trying to apply it to my lid…

Ended up just using on my upper waterline (? I never know what to call that part of my eye – I need to learn the anatomy term ?) with it to fill the light space after using the mascara to lift & curl my lashes from my eyes. It did a fine job at performing there!

Laura Makeup Labs queen blending brush

This is such a stellar brush & whoever chose this to go in this bag? Mad props. It matches the theme so flawlessly & makes me feel like I’m using some magic crystal wand to apply my shadow. It’s gorgeous ❤

Oryza astral amethyst shimmer eyeshadow

The name of this palette: *chef’s kiss* again, goes so well with the theme… I know someone high up there at Ipsy’s favorite month has gotta be October! Finally I didn’t get stuck with a single tiny metallic-range, rose gold, shimmer eyeshadow. I got a mini palette & it has a purple shade? I must be dreaming! I love everything about this (:

R+Co waterfall moisture + shine lotion

Now you’ll see I’ve gone thru quite the hair transformation recently, so I haven’t had the opportunity to use this product yet. I’ve heard amazing things about this brand though & I’m looking forward to trying it!

Tarte maracuja tinted hydrator in fair neutral

I’m glad I chose the lightest shade when I picked this for an add-on cause I didn’t get out in the sun this summer (way too hot). It’s a tiny tube ^ but even with the formula being as light as it is, I didn’t feel like I had to use too much. I liked it a lot actually. It feels even lighter than my cc cream, def less coverage, but still more than just applying a primer or only moisturizer…

The final look

I just sat down tonight at like 6 o’clock after eating McDonald’s to put on this face lol my life is weird right now, but is this not so cute?! I added the lippie stix “Hike House” cause I can’t stop buying Colourpop lip products even in a pandemic when I can’t even wear a colored lip cause I have to wear a mask & it would totally get ruined. I’m insane, but I love this look & I can’t believe I was able to make it with just my Ipsy items (plus the lip & a little eyeliner help from KVD)! They slayed October, bby!

Thanks so much for reading & supporting my blog. This was a super rushed post, but I hope it doesn’t show in any lesser quality compared to previous in the series. I try to keep up with myself! Hope y’all are enjoying the fall season still & are excited for Halloween at the end of this week ^-^ I know we’re ready to hand out goodie bags again this year. Anywho, see ya soon xo

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