Oct0ber fav0rites


I truly cannot fathom how fast October has flown past us! It’s my favorite month for many reason including, but not limited to: my birthday, our anniversary, the colors, all the decorating, fall blossoming, spooky season starting, and Halloween to end it (:


With that header photo (and tradition), I can’t start with anything else but the food category first! We had the best cinnamon buns ^-^ customizable grilled cheeses from Panera, no baked (and safe-to-eat) cookie dough, organic cookies & salad bowls, filled-to-the-brim poke bowls w/ boba to wash it down of course, and the cutest idea for Mentos I’ve ever seen! I love them all (:


These were going to be THE nails for October, but since I painted on the create-your-own press-on nails myself without knowing really the best way to do it, they ended up messed up within the same day. I had long red coffin nails for a while after…


We saw this crazy looking caterpillar in our yard ^ very in theme with spooky time! Of course I had to include all of our comfy couch friends: Big Derby & friends + Oogie! Then Justin spotted this amazing leaf bug out on our back deck/porch…so cool…you’ll see more of my new BFF strawberry cow in an upcoming post, but isn’t she the cutest?! Plus, the artist who handmade her even had her scented like strawberries! To round off this category, a new Spongelle in the shape of a duck & scent of watermelon!

My 24th birthday!

How could this not be included in my faves?! I was so blessed this year ❤ I had the best birthday & the best month celebrating & you guys will get to see so much more in the posts I have planned for the future. Y’all know I’m always behind 😉


We freakin’ served this month & I plan to keep that going as long as I can! I’m so happy with how my style has evolved this year. If Ipsy can continue sending me an actually good mix of products in my monthly subscription bags, that would help as well lol but I’m just loving expressing myself through different colors & patterns!

I hope you all enjoyed a look through this month’s faves ^-^ its been the best month of the year so far & I’ve got a good feeling November will be even better. I wish you all a happy Halloween tomorrow & the best next month you can even dream of xo

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