Oct0ber’s n0tes


October was a month full of fantastic accomplishments, celebrations, and we’re here to tell the rest of 2020 it’s staying that way! This is what I achieved in October:

Organized the bathroom + a little extra

Starting off with the least exciting (was going to say most boring, but to me, not even something as mundane as this could keep my spirit down in October), I finally got around to really organizing all my skincare. I cleaned up all the bathroom shelves, organized the things I planned to leave out in plain sight (what I actually use most of the time/on a daily/nightly basis), and found I had a tiny bit of counter space under everything? Who would’ve known?!

+ we picked up the living room, kitchen, and hallway to prepare for our lovely guests…so you know I snapped a few pics

Wear more black

I’ve been changing up my wardrobe this year ^ it’s a reoccurring theme in a lot of my posts. This was a small-ish goal I wanted to try to do passively by not necessarily buying more black clothing, but trying to incorporate more black pieces into the outfits I was already putting together. I like the results I came up with! I feel much more in tune with the season, the cooler weather, and the overall vibe 😉

Before ^

I made moves in October. Big moves. Little backstory before we approach the stark contrasting AFTER: about 5-6 years ago, I got a “layering” cut at Hair Cuttery which was totally botched. My hair looked like 2 layers, basically a long mullet…one layer at my shoulders (the Hermione hair) & the rest of it down my back. This traumatized me to not want another haircut where the stylist would do anything other than just trim the dead/split ends off. So that’s all I got done for 5 years at Sports Clips or wherever we ended up that it was super easy to pop in without an appointment & they wouldn’t charge us some crazy price. I’m going to be getting married next fall & there’s no way I’d be walking down the aisle without getting my hair redemption!

After ^

It’s honestly a dream come true, a real life hair Cinderella story, transformation, all the things! I’m in love with it. I’m now recommending my stylist to everyone I talk to & my sister is getting her hair done there next week. These photos were just from literal minutes after my appointment…

Days later

This is all before the first wash ^ so just sleeping on the blowout, combing through with my wide tooth comb & fingers every now & then when it needed it… I love it!!!

I hope you all loved these notes as much as I loved completing all of these fulfilling tasks last month! I’m keeping my chin up through November & through the end of 2020 ^-^ I wish you all the best as always xo

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