0h 0h 0h it’s magic


Ah mid-November, the prime time to post my Halloween photos! I’ll also be sharing the glorious set up I put together to showcase the products I ordered from Colourpop’s Hocus Pocus collection…

The set up

I got the coolest pieces from Michael’s this year ^ along with a well-placed blanket & a small box hidden under some shiny, green fabric we luckily hadn’t thrown out just yet.

The haul

I didn’t think I was gonna get much from this collection, but I actually ended up ordering a few different things ^ the eyeshadow palette, two out of the three lashes, and one out of the three eye liners!

The liner

The lashes

The eyeshadow palette

More photos in the set

I was so happy with how the products looked in this set up, I didn’t wanna stop!

The look

This is the eyeshadow look I created on Halloween for my witch costume ^ even though I forgot to take photos like this at the beginning of the evening when I had first put this makeup on, I think it shows!

The witch

The whole look ^ the outfit with the makeup really came out better than I expected, especially for my first time using the Hocus Pocus palette! I love the darker colors & the shimmers are spectacular ❤

Unfortunately, even though our decorations were off the charts compared to that of last year’s…no trick or treaters /:

Hopefully we can decorate just as good or even better next year (here’s looking at you, Home Depot skeleton) & get a ton xo

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