He p0pped the questi0n!


I know, the ring isn’t in the box in the photo ^ I was wearing it & just wanted a photo of him down on his knee lol anyways THIS IS THE PROPOSAL POST ❤

Back to where it all began

Okay, you caught me ^ I may have had an inkling that he was gonna ask me this day. But he did a perfect job, what can I say? This is where he first asked me to be his girlfriend those 5 long years ago, so it’s only fitting we start this next big chapter of our relationship at the same scenic spot (:

Getting good pic(k)s

I had to wear THE strawberry dress for this most monumentous of occasions ^ and we got some amazing photos among the apple trees! I just adore the pink, red & green color contrast which I don’t usually like lol

He did it!

He was up in an apple tree with the bag & says “whoa, come check out this weird apple I found!” as you can see in the photo ^ it was a Tiffany box! He gets down on his knee, says his little speech which was just absolute *perfection* I obviously said yes, trying to hold back tears cause my allergies were raging on that mountain & my nose had just started to run before he asked me lol of course! The whole thing was dreamy!

On top of the world

We’re engaged!!! We’ve been engaged since October 14th & I’m sure y’all have seen it everywhere by now. I’m just so happy I’ve got around to making this post cause these photos bring me pure joy ^-^ this is the man of my freaking dreams that I’ve had the joy of getting to know, love, and now spend the rest of my life with…like that’s still so crazy & almost unbelievable to me! I’ve been having both a blast & a hectic, stress-mess of a time wedding planning so far. It’ll all come together in the end & I can’t wait to start sharing more of the good end of that with you all on here soon ❤ xo

8 thoughts on “He p0pped the questi0n!

  1. Aww!! I’ve been reading about both of you for quite a while and I’m so happy to hear this! You both look SO happy and you look REALLY PRETTY in that dress!! Congratulations bb! ❤️❤️

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