N0vember fav0rites


Happy second Thanksgiving! I didn’t even know that’s what today was called until Justin told me lol I thought it was just Black Friday, but I guess it’s got another name (:

Anyways- hoping everyone has been enjoying the start to this holiday season safely & happily whether you can spend it with family or virtually visiting! Here’s what I’ve been loving during this month:


My favorite shoes of November (besides my Crocs cause I know y’all are tired of seeing those orange eyesores) were these Coach beauties ^ the pink fluffy heels that drew me in from the darn ad & the boots that’re literally so comfortable, chic, and the perfect cream color! Go alliteration! Also, got to break the Hunter boots in (:

Food & drink

Didn’t think I’d leave you hanging, did you?

I got the best category right here ^ we got everything from Champagne to Starbucks! We made a lovely pasta, scallop & biscuit dinner at home, we went out for Justin’s brother’s birthday, we found Dunkaroo’s… the whole nine yards really. A good month!

Drive Shack

Speaking of that birthday…we all had a blast at the driving range after a hibachi dinner per tradition. It was a ton of fun!


Everyone is starting to ask me for my Christmas list & I’m freaking out cause I honestly haven’t even thought to make one. I’ve just been stalking the deals & snagging up stuff for myself & my friends/family when I see the best stuff for them at the best prices lately now that holiday discounts are all over the internet lol but I found a few lil things I’d like >;) also, a few lil things I’ve already received that made it onto this post just in time…like my hoodie! It’s a Beacon Hills lacrosse Stilinski one!!! It’s perfect & I love it even though I really don’t like hoodies cause my hair always gets in the way. It’s awesome & a fave. I also got this body polish from my now Maid of Honor as a birthday gift that I just recently tried for the first time & it smells delicious! I bought a necklace for the wedding that I adore (it matches the crown almost exactly, idk how, but it does). I also, finally, got a matching collarbone tattoo!


@ Dad’s just today actually for a BBQ meal, some spiced rum + apple juice & good conversation for a few hours. It was a really nice time. We always like going up (:


+ little baby in her stroller with Kaila ^ and her boyfriend/baby daddy Sean. This month has been insanely busy, but blessed!

Thank you for joining me thru these faves! I hope you enjoyed a look back through the best of my November (minus the biggest things that’ll be in future posts on their own). Enjoy the upcoming December!!!

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