N0vember’s n0tes


This month’s notes post is fully wedding prep themed! So strap in tight for a trifecta of bride-to-be goodness & stay tuned until the very end for the best engagement photos from our professional session!

Bridesmaid proposals

I asked my sisters & my best friend to be my bridesmaids (the latter, my maid of honor) this past month ^ with this hand-curated boxes tailored to their color for the wedding & including their favorite candy! One of my sisters won’t be attending, so instead, I’ll be switching some colors around (to better suit hair color/skin tone) & asking another one of my girl friends to be a bridesmaid instead once all of the stuff I ordered for her box comes in. I’m very excited for that cause then I’ll have my bridal party complete! I love my ladies!!!

1st bridal fitting

I tried on dresses! Finally!!! This was so magically & honestly felt halfway like a dream cause they were all so beautiful! I was so thankful my crown came in time cause we had so many shipping problems with it before + I had my shawl already to bring to see how it would look with the dresses. I came prepared with 4.5″ heels to help me not drown (as much) in the gowns, but the shoes I’m eyeing to wear on my actual wedding day are only like 3″ tall, so that’ll be a big relief. My feet were aching!

I said YES to the dress

I bought it! Now obviously, none of these dresses are the one I’m going to be wearing on my wedding day. The angel that he is, my fiancé Justin does read my blog, so I wouldn’t want him to see the dress (even a photo). But all the gowns were gorgeous, so I have plenty of photos for y’all! I picked Adelaide as my wedding dress which is just fate because the whole theme of our wedding was inspired by the show Reign starring Adelaide Kane ❤ then we’re custom adding on bell sleeves with the same lace that’s in the skirt of the dress. It’s going to be glorious, I’m not even mentally ready. She’ll be here in April. So excited!!!

Engagement photos

What you’ve all been waiting for! Ta-da!!! I’m so in love with them & couldn’t be happier with the experience, the people we worked with, all of it really. We’re going to book them for our wedding as well. These are just our favorites from the bunch, but we have like 100 from the session. Picking one to put on our save-the-date was near impossible! These are my new fave photos of us…until the wedding ones of course ❤

I can’t believe we got all of this done in one month. November truly did flash past us in the busiest blink of an eye! December is just holiday madness & it has barely even begun. We’re finally getting an actual bed frame today, for the first time ever. We feel like real adults lol with a real house & now a real bed! I can’t wait to show you when it’s installed & styled, so keep an eye out xo

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