1/20 in 2020


I have no idea how I missed posting these, but October was the busiest month out of the whole year, so I’m not entirely shocked. These are our five-year anniversary photos from that day, hence the slightly-ominous title of the blog post. I thought it was catchy, but looking at it now, it’s more obscure than anything lol I was going for 1/20th of a century being equal to 5 years? Anyways, you’re here for the pictures!

Mall stroll

The restaurant didn’t open until 4pm so we took a leisurely walk around the shops before our meal. It was a nice enough day!

Table 21 on the 21st

We were seated at just the right table for our occasion ^ I got my favorite drink: The Sea Ghost, which I’ve only ever had one other time…on my 21st birthday because it has 5 different kinds of rum in it! So good! The food was delicious as always & the desserts were even better to top it all off (:

Cute pics outside

Snapshots outside the eatery ^ adorable!

Fun car selfies ❤

Classic “it’s our anniversary” car photos ^ can you tell I love this man?! He’s precious!

Cozy @ home

Home for the night after I had my hair consultation with my stylist…we took a nice, relaxing bath (: then slept so well! Always my favorite way to end a good day!

I can’t believe it’s been 5 years ❤ it both feels like it’s only been a few months & also like it’s somehow already been a lifetime! I’m so lucky to be with the man of my dreams & incredibly excited to marry him next autumn! More on that to come xo

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