Here f0r hair


This is a collective photo-heavy post centered around my new hair. I’ve recently decided to start going to my stylist for weekly blowouts so I can save my shoulders (which both have tendonitis) from further damage. I can’t style my hair. She does an amazing job + I’ll get a nice loyalty discount! I’m very excited for this new stage of my life: having soft, styled hair all the time without having any PAIN

Transformation day

The first day I got it done ^ you all probably remember these photos from when I first got my hair layered & dyed back to my natural color. She curled it so beautifully (:

2 days after

The reveal to my sisters & mom the weekend after my hair transformation ^ it was still looking super lovely! I adore the dark, solid coloring with this light pink ❤

New hair + Ipsy makeup

I’m sure this is a familiar look for some avid readers as well ^ I just loved how much more cohesive all my looks looked with my hair being finally ONE color again

The no-makeup look

Even with a bare face, I feel more put-together just rolling out of bed in the morning with my new hair ^ that’s why I’m so looking forward to having my hair styled professionally each week. Even without makeup done or an outfit that makes sense, I still feel at least halfway there with my hair looking this fabulous!

Same day, different face

Just the addition of some liner & lashes totally changes my face, but the hair is looking shiny as ever ^ we had family over for a barbecue this night & I just felt so pretty even though it had been almost a week since my initial salon appointment!

First wash

This is how it looked after I first washed & conditioned it at home myself ^ I used the products my stylist gave me. I air-dried & only used a leave-in conditioner to “style” so it’s quite messy compared to previous photos in this post. That’s another reason why I wanted to do the recurring blowouts

Sister’s turn

I offered my sister the same opportunity I had given myself – a total transformation ^ she had a vision for her hair & my stylist was able to make it happen! Mind you, for double the cost it was at my appointment lol of course my sister wanted to go lighter while they only had to put dye over my hair

It came out looking so incredible & the boost to her confidence alone makes it worth any price. I’m so happy she’s happy!

Tight, to be brushed out

I had my hair styled for our engagement photos a few days prior ^ so she made the curls tight & told me to sleep on them, then brush them out before our session. As you saw in the professional photos – my hair came out awesome! But OMG the hairspray. I’ve never had so much build-up of product in my hair lol I had to double shampoo! I don’t ever use products in my hair really, so I was freaking out when it was so hard to get a brush through it. All worth it I guess…

Clarify + blowout

I got a clarifying treatment & a blowout at my last appointment ^ she did the deepest clean, then styled my hair so perfectly. This is what sold me on the idea of getting it done on the regular. No more pain in my literal shoulders. Just gorgeous hair all the time & heck, an hour every week to be pampered? Who wouldn’t want that?! ^-^

Loving my blowout

I used to do this style when I was in high school ^ obviously never this good & never this silky smooth, but I’d take the straightener almost all the way down & then use it as a curling iron at the ends. It’s one of my favorite looks! If I hadn’t ruined my shoulders, I’d still be doing it myself lol

Brad Mondo who?

If anyone has seen his most recent video, he’s wearing a sweater that’s like the same pattern as this one ^ and a freaking PEARL NECKLACE, are you kidding me?! I’ve already tweeted him photo evidence that he stole my look, but I’m sure he’ll never admit it >;) just funny in a hair post, isn’t it?

Porsche pics + golf clicks

Just closing out with a few action shots of my blowout blowing in the breeze ^ I hope you all enjoyed the hair p*rn I’ve spammed

There could possibly be some more hair content on the way ~ colorful maybe? Let me know in the comments if that sounds exciting to y’all, I always wanna know! As per usual though, enjoy your week xo

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