Strands 0f the rainb0w


More hair posts! I hope y’all are actually interested in these, but I do promise they’re not all my blog will be about going forward. I’ve just been getting photos together for this post for a while & today seemed as good a time as any to publish it (seeing as I’d just talked all about my blowouts earlier this week)! These are some of the colorful clip-in extensions I’ve ordered from Etsy & loved adding to my hair especially after my transformation (:

Olive corkscrews

These are synthetic & styled in curls ^ they’re a beautiful shade of green! The perfect mossy/olive color I wanted the ends of my hair to be when I dyed them during quarantine. I think these looked better with my old hair actually. I’m not sure I’d pick them to wear with the darker, solid color hair now unless I found just the right look to base it around (like the strawberry one).


These are my fave by far ^ it’s a double wide, single clip-in that’s real hair. It’s a glorious frozen blonde shade! I loved it with this all black outfit I wore & it was obviously so fitting for my Halloween look. I def wanna style it again very soon with some of my new colored contacts, so if that’s something you’d wanna see? Keep an eye out on my blog for that whole look!

Pastel purple/lavender

I had just opened a few packages on my lap, sitting on the couch & just clipped these in right away ^ I was still wearing my “Daydream” nails by Luxxi & even with no makeup on, I felt it went so well with my look that day? Am I wrong? I love them (:

Burgundy? Plum?

This isn’t the original color I ordered, but it’s shade sister/cousin ^ I picked out more of an oxblood color, a warmer tone of this one. The Etsy shop owner messaged me with apologies saying they didn’t have any more of that specific color & asked if I’d be willing to still try it’s similar style, so here we are! It def looks a bit different on camera, but I still really dig it. I love red in my hair & these make me feel festive too (:

What did you think of these? Do you wanna see more styled/curled ones? Which color was your favorite? Let me know in the comments (: as always, I hope all of you have a very safe & wonderful weekend xo

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