December fav0rites


Happy almost-end-of-2020! Here’s my faves from this past month (minus most of Christmas stuff since I’m saving all that for its own post/series of posts). Hope you like!

Food & drink

Basically just drinks lol cause I guess I didn’t take photos of much food this month ^ but I’ll try to be better about that in 2021 cause I always end up liking those photos. Lots of tea in December! Love me my teas!


Jewelry, clothes, bags, shoes, you name it ^ my faves have been a list a mile long this month & I have no doubt there will be even more into the new year. I’ve been on a kick lately & loving it! Idk what it is, but I’m happy about it & I hope you all are enjoying the content I’m creating from it…

These are just some outfits/looks/pieces that I wanted to make sure made it into my “favorites” for December. I love them all!

Colored contacts

I tried a different website for ordering lenses ^ I picked out grey, yellow, and these amazing pearl purple ones! Also…a secret color that I haven’t tried on yet that you’ll have to wait & see in an upcoming post. These have all been super comfy so far & the quality seems just as good as OLENS

Family & friends

Just good company ^ ok, so I snuck a few Christmas-themed photos in this post OH WELL lol I also packed some birthday & bridesmaid gifts too! Tis the time of giving!

Happy holidays, happy December, happy end of this year we thought would never end! It’s almost 2021!!! See y’all Friday 😉

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