December’s n0tes


& happy New Year! Welcome to my first blog post of 2021: my notes from December AKA three main goals I set for myself last month & photos along the way as I went about accomplishing them. Hope you like!

Hair goals

I’ll get this one out of the way quick & firstly since I’ve made entire posts about it already ^ I’m making more of an effort with my hair nowadays & that means getting it done at the salon more often which I’ve been loving! Such amazing women that have been working with me, making me feel beautiful, and mainly just helping me not be in pain by styling my hair for me. My shoulders say thank you!

Post more (interactive) stories

I like stories a lot, but I felt like I didn’t really put many up myself ^ so I made it a small goal of mine last month to post more of them & add in some interactive ones as well! I always find those to be the most fun!

Clean the bedroom

As you can see in that first very-dusty mirror selfie, our bedroom was so cluttered before December ^ we had a bed frame coming in though, so there was no more time for excuses. We had to clean it up, make room for the guys to bring in the pieces & build it! We did it too! It looks so good with the rest of the colors in our room & we’re planning on adding a few more decor items that’ll really bring it together…

Bonus: starting to organize some jewelry

I don’t have enough places to put all my jewelry yet ^ but I’ve started organizing some of my collection & it looks a lot better already – in my opinion. I’m really just trying to keep the bedroom from getting as cluttered as it was before we cleaned up lol

Bonus: storage solution corner bookshelf

I assembled this shelf to go next to my dresser to just hold more stuff so it won’t be lying around in piles ^ I would always rather have furniture as storage solutions than clutter up our floors with our things! I love the way it looks in the bedroom too (:

What are some of your goals this month? This year? Do you prefer to set short term or long term goals for yourself? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to know (: happy New Year again to you guys xo

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