Best pets 0f 2020


The first pet post of 2021! I love showing you guys photos of Oscar, Misery, and whatever other little critters I can snap some shots of ~ so I hope these make your day brighter & start your year off happy!


Kitty boy has just been begging us for more treats lately ^ he’s such a stinker of an old man lol he’s doing well though! Our cutie!


Always trying to catch a good photo of her ^ she can be so elusive in her tank sometimes, it’s almost like she knows I’m coming up with my camera haha evil >;)

My sister’s dog & the neighborhood cat

Bam Bam is the toy Pomeranian above ^ a fluffy boy who will bark at anyone & anything to show he’s bigger than he looks! This cat seems to be sending us some sort of message lately…maybe it wants to claim our yard as it’s new safe haven? Fine with me (: it’s so beautiful, like a fairy creature!

As always, I hope everyone is enjoying their week as we skip right along into this new year! I have a positive outlook on it xo

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