Jingle paws


It is I! The one who blesses your week not just once with photos of cute animals, but now (just this month) twice! It’s a holiday pet post special! The adorable prepping for Christmas, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and even New Years Eve snapshots of our favorite furry friends are all here for you (:

Pink fluffy duffle

Not intended to cart around my darling Oscar, I thought it still just too perfect not to get these sweet pics of him nestled in!

Gucci man

I got Oscar this sweater from Drippy Pets for Christmas & it arrived early, so of course he got to wear it early ^ & often as I think it’s just the most suited to him out of all his outfits! Looking fly for an old guy (:

Fur in Fendi

Another one from Drippy Pets ^ he decided to stretch this one out the very first day he wore it, so it’s safe to say it’s not his favorite. I still think he looks funky fresh (:

Christmas Eve treats

Doesn’t everybody wanna open something on Christmas Eve evening? Well Oscar got his Christmas sweater AND a gift from Justin ^ this bowl from Tiffany & Co. WOW!

Christmas Day matching

We even matched outfits on Christmas! His sweater had the same colors of plaid as the dress I wore to my dad’s dinner ^ love it!!!

Post-holiday lounging

No-clothes cat just relaxing after the chaos of the holidays was over ^ still on mama’s lap every night into the new year! My boy!

What you’re all really here for

I know you guys just wanna see Justin’s parents’ dogs ^ the pugs & China. I got them all sweaters from Drippy Pets for Christmas too! Peep that classy “Balenca” drip on the black pug lol hers was the only one that actually fit well, but they all had fun in ’em!

Hope you guys got a kick out of all the dresses up pups & Oscar’s outfits too (:

Happy Friday! I’ll be seeing y’all again on Tuesday ~ have a wonderful weekend xo

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