Keep the cheer


Happy Tuesday! As you all may know, it takes me a while to get my photos together & I’m typically posting long after events have transpired. So you might be seeing a lot of Christmas/New Years content in the month of January. I can only hope it keeps the cheer of the season going that much longer into this new year of 2021! Enjoy!


The decorations this year weren’t as all-out as our Halloween spread ^ but I think when it came down to it, we did a stellar job with them! I loved how our house looked inside & out for the holidays (:


We stayed in some, we safely visited loved ones ^ we dined & drank & were merry! Also, there was so much WRAPPING ^-^


Big, small, and not all ^ some for others, some for me, and some you cannot see! Ok. I’ll quit with the rhymes, those were all I could come up with on the spot anyways lol

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve evening ^ at Justin’s Nana’s house with a small family group. So nice (:

Christmas Day

Christmas Day dinner ^ at my Dad’s house. Including a few of his girlfriend’s relatives. That was a fun night as well! Lovely really!

Home for the holidays

Back home that evening we took some more photos together ^ cause I just love capturing the memories as much as I can!

Merry (late) Christmas to everyone who celebrates/celebrated last year! I hope it was as wonderful as it could’ve been for you. To everyone else, I hope it was just a joyous time of the year in general. We all deserve to be happy in the spirit of the season, no matter what we’re celebrating.

I’ll be back on Friday with probably some more Christmas-y/holiday-themed stuff xo

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