H0liday l00kb00k


A whole post dedicated to the most festive outfits I wore around & on the holidays at the end of 2020…starting now: go, go, GO!

Matching the wreath

Even though this outfit wasn’t the most comfortable of the bunch ^ it certainly was cute! I love how well I matched the bright reds & off-white/cream color too. The subtle pink on the cardigan making it a tad more girly while still not looking totally like pajamas has me screaming 10 out of 10

Cozy Christmas Eve

I have to say this was 100% my favorite look out of them all ^ the makeup, the outfit, the hair, everything just somehow fell together flawlessly that evening & I felt super pretty! This sweater gives me major vintage/handmade vibes, but it’s literally from Missguided I KNOW! The pants I hadn’t worn in forever & the boots had just come in that day from LaModa, so I was thrilled they fit & I was able to pair them with that ensemble. I kept my makeup simple as to not make us late, but obvi a red lip was necessary & lashes to the gods! You guys are probably sick of seeing this cardigan too, but prepare your eyes ~ cause she’s here to stay. I have so many photos of this look UGH I loved it! All the red YAS ❤

Christmas Day slay

I wore that red cardigan over this too, even though I didn’t take photos in it once we got back home ^ but this dress is from Delia’s & it’s this gorgeous dark green & navy plaid! I had to wear my Skims leggings underneath cause that day was so cold, but it all worked out cause those are actually teal lol & of course another pair of killer LaModa boots to boot 😉 I decided to go with silver jewelry to match the zippers on the sides even ~ peep the LV lock & Tiffany T bar diamond smile from Justin *my sweetie*

Which was your favorite look? Let me know in the comments! Which would you wear to a holiday party? I’d love to hear your thoughts on these outfits, tell me your opinions in the comments ^-^ thanks so much for reading & supporting my blog xo

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