Ipsy f0r January


First Ipsy bag (& post) of the new year/2021

The bag & the mix

January’s bag has a unique transparent design ^ I think it has the most “makeup bag” look to it (out of ones I’ve received recently). I like the colors they chose for this DREAM theme, reminiscent of a blue sky with big white clouds you might look up at while daydreaming! The little plastic ring zipper is a super cute touch as well (:

The product range for the first month of the year isn’t exactly kicking off 2021 strong, but there’s nothing in this bag to shake a stick at ^ 2 lip products, a brush, a fragrance (which can be rare), and skincare (that was the item I chose to be included)…

Byroe salmon cream

My Ipsy bag showed up like 2 days ago, so I haven’t had a chance to try this yet ^ but this was the item I chose last month to be included in my January bag! I’ve never heard of this brand or any kind of product like this. I’m looking forward to testing it out soon & seeing how/if I like it on my skin

Complex Culture time pressed lip balm

I was so hyped when I saw this was coming in my bag this month ^ I’m a lip balm lover. I’m always interested in new ones, fancy ones, as long as they don’t have mint (cause apparently my mouth skin gets irritated by that now). So this is awesome to get! Plus, I prefer the lipstick tube type over the screw-cap/squeezy-tube ones. Which do you like?

Kenzie so pretty fragrance

If I haven’t received this in an Ipsy bag specifically before, I’ve definitely had it arrive to me in some other subscription ^ cause I remember this product! I really like it though, the scent is very lovely, but I just never found myself reaching for it to use

Laruce Beauty LR222 kabuki brush in denim blue collection

I love when Ipsy throws a brush in my bag ^ I’ll take one of these bad boys any day over a single eyeshadow in the same shade each month lol I can always use a fresh one

Sugar Cosmetics matte as hell crayon lipstick in viola

I know I’ve used one of these before & it very well could’ve been the exact same color ^ but I can’t quite remember, so I tried it on anyways since it’s the only thing I really had to try on for photos this month

The final look

Just lips ^ any of the other products you wouldn’t be able to see in a photo anyways! But I love the lip color, the crayon is easy to apply & it’s a comfortable kind of matte formula instead of what a liquid lipstick feels like. Do you think it fits the bare face?

Let me know your thoughts on my final look in the comments of this post ❤

Sophia + Mabelle brush cleaner

A simple, bumpy silicone pad to swirl your brushes around on ^ all a girl could ask for

Barefoot Scientist sleep on it overnight moisturizing gel socks

If you’ve never put lotion on your feet, then worn some soft fluffy socks to bed so you can wake up with the softest foot skin you’ve ever had ~ you’ve been wasting your life! These basically put it all in one step (or they’re for people like me that don’t like getting lotion on their hands) >;) & did you notice they look Tiffany blue too?

Do you get add-ons to your Ipsy bag? Do you think it’s worth it? Do you use your Ipsy account for the discounts on brands/products? Let me know in the comments!

That was it for this month’s installment of *I P S Y* I hope you all enjoyed the almost underwhelming first bag of 2021! I like it! As always, I wanna thank you for reading & supporting my blogging journey here xo

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