Kam0n camera app


A bit early to be sharing favorites, but this one is too good to keep to myself. It’s called Kamon & it’s a camera app you can use to make your photos look absolutely stunning with these random light leaks/effects added instantaneously. There’s even a front-facing feature & flash as well, so you can take photos anytime – anywhere! I wanted to share some of my favorite shots with you all today & maybe you’ll download it too (:

Casual looks

I wanted to show the range of this app in a way that I think makes it a nice addition to anyone’s phone really ^ whether you like to take photos in a casual way, with no makeup & just want to add a little pizzazz without the added effort of actual editing

I feel like this is the perfect thing for that cause it’s just a camera app! I feel like some people might even replace their regular camera & just use this one as their usual (:

More artistic

Fancier, heavier makeup, even Halloween looks ^ I love the way the effects on this app add something special & different to each photo you take. Sometimes it can take a little getting used to or a few tries to get the certain color leak you might want to go with your look, but it’s definitely worth it!

Everyday looks

Sometimes I forget to pop out this app for just normal selfies, but I honestly still adore the little pops of extra color it gives my photos ^ the one bit of advice I will give is that framing can be somewhat difficult to get used to since it only has a small window for front-facing & doesn’t exactly show what’s going to be in your full picture ^-^

Other lil snaps

I haven’t found much use for the other side of the camera on this app, but I do think it still makes for some pretty edits sometimes

What do you think? Worth it to not have to add in light effects in a separate app? Or too much troubleshooting because the leaks are completely randomized? Let me know your thoughts on Kamon in the comments! Thanks so much for reading xo

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