Mixed berries


Happy Friday all! I’m so excited to finally be sharing this post with you, my readers/followers. I still feel as though I could probably keep adding to it, but I’m honestly just too proud of how beautifully it’s come together to wait any longer. These are all my strawberry dreams (at least recently)…

My Starbucks order

I could’ve added an infinite amount of drinks & snacks to this post, but then it would’ve been -well- infinite lol so instead, I’m just gonna let you in on my secret to a strawberry milkshake dupe from your favorite coffee shop. Simply order a venti strawberry creme frap, with almond milk (or whatever milk substitute you prefer as I’ve found it’s much better with non-dairy milk), and however many pumps of white mocha you fancy to make it as sweet as you desire! Super easy & tastes like ice cream (:

My jewelry

Thinking on this now, I’m giving myself a little slap on the wrist for forgetting a few pieces ^ so this actually isn’t all the jewelry I have that has strawberries in it/themed! I do love the vibe of all of them though ~ whether it be from Gucci of all places to the very best of independent artists on Twitter. These are by far some of my fave pieces ❤

More from Twitter

I had this adorable strawberry frog made by someone on Twitter who I can’t for the life of me remember their name/username which always angers me, but I’m legit so bad with that stuff (like always have been). But if you find them, please show them love! If I find their info – I’ll leave it below!

Same goes for the mask + bandana combo I’m wearing in the photos above ^ that was another wonderful Twitter artist I’m not remembering the name of *ugh* they were very sweet though & the set even came with a matching scrunchie that I haven’t got a chance to use yet, but it’s all so cute!!!

Gelato Pique

Ok, so their Valentine’s Day collection was just too perfect ^ let’s all take a moment to appreciate the strawberry goodness that came in all its satin glory! I don’t know how I managed to get lucky enough to snag this nightgown, a cami of the same color, a long-sleeve button-up in light pink (fabric pictured), matching long pants, and all the fabulous bathroom accessories! Now I want to redecorate the bathroom with pink & white so it’s all as stylish as this stuff *o*

The black strawberry dress

This is probably what you’ve all been waiting for, but when I tell you this was the struggle of a lifetime ^ it was the most annoying of all purchases I’ve ever made in my life. Was it worth it? I honestly don’t even know. It took so long for them to send me the exchange dress after I returned this one (which was defectively made btw), that I didn’t even bother trying it on when it arrived. Probably a bad idea on my part seeing as it could be defective a second time (knowing my luck), but I was honestly just tired of all the BS their “support” team had put me through during this process. Other than that! The dress itself, had it fit correctly…is gorgeous! Glorious in black!!!

THE strawberry dress

& the finale: she is beauty, she is grace, she was thankfully not a waste. Worth every penny to be proposed to in this pouf of a dress bedazzled in strawberries head to toe! Thankfully ~ this one fit correctly ❤ (even though I ordered it before the black one & not on a backorder & it still took 4 extra weeks to arrive after that one WHY)

lol I loooooove ^ I took so many photos in

Like I said, I will still probably find many other strawberry related items that I could’ve added to this & curse myself for not waiting & making it all it could be, but hey – that’s blogging! That’s life! See ya xo

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