Ipsy f0r February


Just a heads-up, there won’t be a try-on at the end of this post. You’ll understand why when you see the items I received in this month’s bag, but anyways ~ it’s Ipsy time!

The bag & the mix

I absolutely ADORE this month’s bag!!! I was so happy to see I had received the one that resembles a letter ❤ it’s super unique when it comes to Ipsy bags & the vibes for Valentine’s Day are just heeeeeere! This is one I could totally see myself using again. As for the products inside…a strange bunch for sure. Two skincare items, both clear so I can’t show them on my face in photos. A lip balm that’s mint (which my lips/mouth are irritated by), so I can’t use it & didn’t even open it for photos cause I’ll give it away to someone else. A clear brow gel that you probably also wouldn’t be able to tell much of a difference in pictures + a brush that I don’t have anything else left in the bag to apply on my face with. Hence: no try-on!

Benefit Cosmetics 24-hour brow setter clear brow gel

I picked this product for my bag this month cause I’ve tried a handful of brands that all leave my eyebrows looking like they have boogers in them ^ I haven’t had a chance to try this one just yet since my bag arrived quite late, but I have high hopes seeing as everyone raves about Benefit for brows (:

F.A.R.A.H eye contour brush 635E

Not much to say here ^ I love getting brushes! I like Farah brushes as they’re always super soft & lightweight. I’ll take more eyeshadow brushes any day, but couldn’t they have at least given me an eyeshadow in my bag to go with it? Pls?

Haruharu black rice hyaluronic toner

I love a good toner ^ I’m a stickler for Fourth Ray’s Waterfall toner at the moment, but I have recently branched out & tried Winky Lux’s new skincare. They’re toner has been pretty spectacular as well, so I think I’ll be open to testing this tiny bottle for as long as it lasts too. We’ll see!

Jersey Shore Cosmetics star mint glossy balm in organic peppermint

Epic fail, Ipsy ^ I can’t use anything mint on my lips or around my mouth. I have some kind of sensitivity or allergy where my skin gets really irritated from it. So I didn’t even bother breaking the seal on the cap for the photo cause I know I’ll be passing this along to another person. Nice try though cause I do love myself a good lip balm…

Soroci morning waterdrop cream

I’m really looking forward to trying this one out too ^ I’ve been loving more simple, gel-like moisturizers like this. Literally products that just feel like you’re injecting your skin with extra hydration or…water! It smells really fresh & clean too without having an overbearing fragrance to it ❤

A word from our sponsor

Jk, it’s just Oscar jumping in to say hellu ^

I had legit taken the final photo & then he jumped right into my set ~ such a stinker!

Maybe next month I’ll get a bag with more colorful items or at least some stuff I can try on for you guys, but I do have more makeup-themed posts lined up if that’s what you’re into. So stay tuned & thanks as always for reading, following, and supporting my lil photo-filled blog here xo

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