Pets g0 marching in


March’s pet post is here to bring a smile to all who are looking for cute animal pics (:

~ enjoy ~


My silly little man ^ got a new flowery sweater from Little Beast just today actually! He’s ready for spring to come (:

Bonus cat

This extra-fluffy kitty has been seen roaming our neighborhood quite a lot, but we found it on our own back porch the other day! Well hello big, hairy friend ❤


Our queen-B herself smiling with the most grace & poise…she’s so precious! She even took a humongous hop onto Justin’s hand when we were moving her from the temp tank back into her freshly cleaned tank 😉

Bonus sheepies

During the few warm days we got a week or so ago, Justin & I went to a park nearby is that happens to have a few different farm animals on the grounds ^ SHEEPIES

I hope my animal photos were able to lift your spirits & make your Friday that much better! Also, have a wonderful weekend xo

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