Engagement & c0.


We had our engagement party! Super late since we got engaged back in October, but so glad to have finally planned it & got the small group we invited together. Here’s a few photos I got (& some one of Justin’s groomsmen Sean took with his camera)…

Decor & catering

The theme was Tiffany/Tiffany blue ^ we had all shades & I absolutely love how the decorations came out! My maid of honor came over with her boyfriend the day before to help set up while Justin & I finished the last things on our list to clean up, making sure we were ready for guests. I even had custom coasters set out all over. I wanted it to be more of a brunch feel, so I had cinnamon rolls & French toast catered as well as fresh fruit platters. Kaila brought an assortment of cupcakes as a surprise (: and we came up with a signature drink just for the event: a “Tiffany toast” which was champagne, curaçao, mango juice, and if you were feeling fancy ~ a sugared rim too!

People & portraits

As you can see, Oscar was a big hit ^ Justin looked extra handsome & dapper in his Tiffany tie with his grey suit *swoon* and I got to wear this dreamy dress from Teuta Matoshi! I felt like a princess with the puffy sleeves & my Jimmy Choo heels. I can’t wait to wear the upgraded version for our actual wedding day! My nails HAD to match the theme of course. They were Ultra Marine matte by Tip Beauty. We had a lot more than the wedding party invited, but as they were mostly family & older…you can guess they don’t want their faces all over the internet so it’s just us for now! But we we’re all smiles even after the party had to wind down & some people had said goodbye, it was such a nice day to spend with our favorite friends. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people ❤

Post party

Took a few extra makeup selfies once I was in more lounge-able clothing (aka not that poofy dress) & read over the “wishes” our guests had written for us with Justin ^ they were super sweet! I also had to include photos of these macarons cause granted, they were delicious albeit LATE. I ordered them in January…to be shipped the Monday before our party (in February mind you) which would be the Sunday after…they shipped them Wednesday. So I wonder why they showed up the day after our party? But they refused to refund me cause the package still showed up! Like wtf are Justin & I gonna do with 3 dozen cookies? Good gift for my salon ladies though *OH WELL*

That was our engagement party! I didn’t take a ton of photos, but I was honestly just enjoying it ^-^ we gave out $25, $50, and $100 gift card prizes for finding the sticker under your different sized plate while everyone was eating lol everybody loved that & the goodie bags were a hit too! I showed you the stuff we stuffed those with in previous posts, but we also got color-changing cups to fill them in last minute cause I forgot to order these individually wrapped white chocolate dipped Oreos that we were originally gonna put in there. I was so mad at myself for forgetting >.<

I hope you liked seeing our party decor at least! We kept it up for a whole week we liked it so much (: I’m making the accent color in our living room blue, so the bow on the door & the little plaid rain boots have become permanent fixtures there. Anyways, thanks so much for reading as always & supporting my blog here! It means so much that you do! We just met with a florist at our venue today, so plans are moving right along & we couldn’t be more excited about it ~ can’t wait to share more with you guys! Talk to ya soon xo

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