Rare & 4th Ray


I’m bringing to you today another collective post long in the making: Rare Beauty + Fourth Ray Beauty, so essentially some makeup & some skincare that I like!

Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez

Since starting my compilation of photos for this posts, I’ve purchased a palette from her brand as well ^ but I haven’t tried it yet, so I didn’t want to include it here. I did really enjoy the tinted lip balms, but found they smell horribly of cilantro & that no one else seems to notice or find this an issue (is it just my sensitive nose?). The liquid lipsticks are also very nice, quite similar in feel! I’ve come to really like using the liquid highlighters cause I can dab them on super easily when I don’t have a base on or blend them seamlessly over whatever cc cream or tinted moisturizer I happen to be using. What I think I like most (which actually surprised me) is the multi-use spray. This smells of herbs, but not cilantro thankfully! I use it before I do my makeup & after too. It’s refreshing & dewy. I’ll definitely be buying more of this if not anything else (:

Fourth Ray Beauty (Colourpop’s sister skincare brand)

I never thought when I started trying some of these products ^ that I would be making my whole skincare routine out of them eventually! I’ve fallen in love with this brand & my new regimen. I really already love doing my skincare, but I’ve narrowed it down to just a few steps that actually work. My cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and these facial sprays (they’re so great)! Some times I’ll switch things up for day vs. night based on what my skin needs or even just to keep things interesting lol but honestly, I can’t recommend them enough & the best part about them being a sister brand with Colourpop? They’re amazingly affordable!

Other skincare brand faves

My other favorite skincare brands right now are Winky Lux & of course the OG: Sunday Riley ❤ the former will keep your wallet a lot happier while my girl SR might break the bank, but sometimes self-care is worth the splurge! Treat yourself & treat your skin, you know what I’m sayin’? 😉

I hope you all enjoyed a look at some of my favorite products from Rare Beauty + how they look on me & my current skincare regimen + how it’s got my skin glowing! Let me know in the comments what your go-to brands are for glowy, “natural” makeup & skincare! I’d love to know & chat about it! Thanks so much as always for reading xo

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