Fr0ggy friends


Alas, a joyous post full of *fake* frogs! Just a bunch of froggy friend merchandise I’ve collected over the course of the past year or so. I know I’m probably missing quite a few pieces in here, but I wanted to share what cute gems I could find with you all today (:

Frog earring by Promiseful Art

I bought this single, silver embroidered earring from an independent artist on Twitter a while back ^ they were kind enough to just sell me the one since I only have one of my ears pierced. It’s so tiny & adorable! It reminds me of our lost Fear ❤

Two frog sculptures

Just a quick look at these as I’ve shown them both on the blog before ^ the bottom frog is a hyper-realistic model of a White’s Tree Frog I got for Justin’s birthday from an Etsy seller (very expensive & the last one in stock)! The top one was commissioned from another Twitter artist to match my strawberry dress: my strawberry frog! I love how the eyes look like Cheerios ^-^

Jisoupy haul of frogs & friends

I bought this big package of goodies also a while ago from a creator named Jisoupy ^ they make the cutest designs of chubby frogs, dogs, cats, etc. I especially like their little outfits! The boots & socks + all the flowers, fruits, leaves ~ it’s all so colorful!

The Art of Alicia’s fruit & Halloween frogs stickers

I tried to find these in the terrible mess that is my spare room currently, so I could get individual photos ^ but sadly… I couldn’t find them for you today. I hope you’ll visit her Etsy shop here: TheArtofAlicia to take a look at some of her incredible art of frogs (:

Ilaso’s Kickstarter “A Froggy Halloween”

I backed my first Kickstarter & it got funded! I was so excited because look how freaking cute these stickers & pins are ^ if you can find their store online, I’d urge you to make a purchase from them as well ❤

Other froggy friends

I found these in my spare room ^ I’m sure I’m missing some, but I’m glad I could take these photos for you guys today cause look how CUTE (: also from independent artists

Other frog items

I also remembered I have this bookmark ^ & my favorite headband! This little hat for Oscar that doesn’t even fit him, but we’ve tried to get him to wear lol all adorable ❤

What’d you think of these froggy things? Do you like frogs? Cartoony, cute art like this kind of stuff or the sculptures? Or just the frog patterned stuff? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to chat about it (:

I hope all of you have a great rest of your week & I’ll see you back here on Friday xo

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