Nails & lashes, 0h my!


A look at my current collection of press-on nails & false lashes (all the ones I haven’t used yet that is). Multiple brands & styles!

Static Nails

One of the first press-on brands I tried & definitely a favorite of mine since I bought their brush-on glue that comes in a bottle ^ only have a few styles left that I haven’t worn yet. I think these sets are $16 each!


Another well-known fave ^ I actually just purchased two new sets the other day & they’re also around the $16 price point. This brand has a bunch of designs in the long coffin style which I’ve grown to like (:

Clutch Nails

Another favorite press-on brand of mine ^ they’ve always got new designs coming out for certain holidays & special occasions. I appreciate whenever they include the nail glue, file, and especially that little stick to push back your cuticles cause I feel that really makes the nails look more natural! If you’re looking for range, you’ll find it here. They’ve got everything for everyone & the pricing goes from like $7.99-$17.99 at most

Rave Nailz

Now, I can’t speak on these yet ^ but I’m very excited to try them cause look how cool they are! These were the most expensive out of any I’ve purchased: $25

Keep an eye out in future posts to see when I end up popping one of these sets on…


In magnetic styles “Babygirl” & “Vogue” ^

10-Day Lashes

In the style “Light Glam” these mimic the look of lash extensions & last up to 10 days


In the style “Vibes” these look very similar to the lashes in Roxi’s collab w/ Revolution

Roxi x Revolution

The slightly fuller, fluffier version of the lashes shown above by the brand BPerfect

Colourpop x Bambi

In the style “Oh Deer” these are very full, natural-looking & wispy. Can’t wait to wear

Melody x Naomi Jon

In the style “Vincent” with a clear band ^

Velour mink lashes

In the style “She-E-O” which are almost the polar opposite of the lashes shown above ^ these are super voluminous & thick & full!

House of Lashes

In the styles “Siren Double”, “Ethereal Lite”, and “Noir Fairy” ^ I’ve already tried others such as “Allura Lite”, “Siren”, and “Siren Flare” which were all super pretty too (:

Maven by Fashion Nova

In the styles 9, 10, and 11 ^ I’m intrigued to test these out cause they look gorgeous! The packaging is also so freaking neat & I’m just crossing my fingers they’re quality


In the styles “Sassy”, “Heartbreaker”, “Wifey”, “Goddess”, and “Lights, Camera, Lashes” ^ all vegan & cruelty free of course


In the styles “Double Take”, “Gimme More”, and “Power Pair” ^ inspired to purchased my first pairs from this brand by the bold & beautiful babe herself Miss Brittany Broski

Lilly Lashes

In the styles “Cannes” & “Monaco” ^ the latter being my choice for lashes for my wedding makeup ❤ they’re the same ones I wore for our engagement photoshoot ❤

& that’s the big bundle of everything! Hope you enjoyed a look through my nails & lashes ~ maybe even found something you’d like to purchase for the first time as a treat for yourself to try! Def let me know in the comments if you do (: I’d love to know!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend as usual & I’ll meet ya back here on Tuesday with a new one full of photos xo

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