Nuptial prep


I’m so excited today to show you all more of what I’ve been up to planning the wedding! Now, you may have seen some of this stuff before, but I wanted to gather everything together in one post & there’s definitely a lot of new things to see . . .

The jewels

All that glitters ^ the shiniest part & what started it all! Starting with my engagement ring & ending at the bag that holds the boxes that have our actual wedding bands inside! How exciting is that? I can’t wait! I’ve also got my crown which you’ve all seen a million times at this point & the necklace I found that matches the style super well. I also managed to find some hair pins that look very similar too! Yay (:

The shoes

I got all of my bridesmaids slippers for getting ready the morning of the wedding ^ so I thought I should have a pair as well. My Jimmy Choo’s might have taken talking to an actual representative & hunting them down for a few months, but they’re here & they’re perfect! I can’t wait to wear them for my first bridal gown fitting at the end of this month (& then of course for the ceremony). You might remember these glorious Louboutin pumps from my birthday post last year, but I’ll also be wearing them with my reception dress 😉

The venue

Fun fact: we booked the venue before we even got engaged ^ Justin knew he wanted to propose to me last year, but he wanted to plan it out & make it special. We were looking at places, talking about it, talking about dates & we realized we didn’t want to miss out on this amazing spot for the timeframe we were thinking of. We inquired & almost had to settle for later than we initially wanted, but it ended up working out perfectly & I’m so glad we planned ahead. This venue is spectacular. I’ll be spending the night before the wedding with my bridal party & then Justin & I will be spending that evening there ❤

My ladies

My bridal party ^ my maid of honor Kaila (with her sweet baby girl Olivia), my sister Chelsea, and my best friend Shannon too!

Dress shopping

You’ve seen me trying on dresses before ^ but I always love showing more photos cause it was so much fun & I wanna go back to do it again lol I had such a blast! The dress in the last few photos was the one I had showed the shop & they’d ordered it in for me to try on. It had ended up being a bit to lightweight/flowy & the lace was almost 1920’s Art Deco looking…so much so that I felt it didn’t fit the wedding’s vibe at all. I still loved it as a dress though. I would’ve taken so many of them home to just wear if I could have! This one did give major inspiration for the sleeves I’m having custom made to be attached to my gown that I chose (which will not be posted here cause Justin does read my blog, sorry). But I won’t get to see that full creation until the end of this month…I’m still so excited (:

Feeling bridal

Idk if it’s my hair being dark again or this ring on my finger ^ but I’m catching myself wearing white a lot more than I used to . . .

Flowers, decor, invites, etc.

I finally found a florist! Yes, someone who can make my vision for our wedding a reality ^ we’ve had a consultation at the venue, he’s given me a full proposal, and we’ve signed the contract! I couldn’t be happier with the process so far & his work up until now has been wonderful, so I can only imagine how beautiful it’s all going to look. I can’t wait to share all the photos with you guys after the wedding OMG & you know I’ve still been addicted to Pinterest with all my different wedding boards…I bought some extra decor, talked to a few artists about custom favors, and already sent save-the-dates. So I’m working on designing our invitations now which seems crazy to me that we’re already that far along, but I’ll say it again: I’m excited!!!

I feel like I probably have more stuff, but it’s either in boxes/bags or hasn’t come in yet…so this is all I have to show you guys today. I appreciate you stopping by to check it out, read about how I’ve been prepping/planning this wedding so far & I hope you’ll all have a very wonderful weekend xo

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