Bag it up


Happy Friday all! I wanted to share my bag collection with you guys today. These are just my purses/handbags ~ so it doesn’t include any backpacks, duffles, or luggage. I’m also showing a few wallets & sunnies!


Some more affordable options ^ purchased from random online shops that I can’t even remember at this point. Actually some of my favorite purses too! I was so happy when I found the studded one in white after having the black version for a while (:

Oldies, but goodies

I absolutely adore my Coach bags ^ the brand itself has my heart, but these are definitely my favorite purchases from them. Justin actually found the Selena collab second-hand but brand new cause it was sold out on site (best gift)! Love them.

Pop of color

Some blue for springtime ^ this bucket bag from Balenciaga is a new one I just got from Ssense & it’s so bright, so fun! On the other hand ~ my Tiffany bag is super sleek with that sneaking Tiffany Blue inside ❤ classy perfection. Either one is elevating.

Fendi from Rebag & YSL from Ssense

I picked out two Fendi bags from Rebag recently ^ two very different vibes though! The black one is much more casual while the other is super chic & stylish. For being secondhand, they’re in excellent condition. The YSL purse is brand new & ultra fun for spring ~ it’s silver hardware is a refreshing change as well! Gotta match the jewelry (:

Shades of brown

Another Rebag score ^ this big Prada bag is definitely one of my newest (to me) faves! The smaller Prada bag below it is brand new from the Prada website & has a much more summery vibe. Excited to pair it with my new spring/summer wardrobe! Okay, is this Dior bag stunning or what? I love it ^-^


I don’t have nearly as many wallets as I have handbags ^ but I’m missing at least two (that I couldn’t find for this post) & I plan to purchase at least a few more with some silver hardware to match my newer purses. Do you prefer a slim cardholder or a full zip-around wallet that can hold more? Let me know in the comments (:

Black sunnies

New pair from Warby Parker ^ and two older pairs from Quay Australia. One that has a thicker frame, one with a wire frame. Which kind of sunglasses do you prefer? (:

Silver frame

My favorite Quay pair ^ and another new Warby Parker pair that have blue lenses! More to add to my silver-matching haha

All that glitters

Gold frames from all over ^ a pair of Quay, some Ray Bans, and another Warby Parker. I’ll probably end up wearing these most (:

I hope you all enjoyed a look at some of my accessories today! It was a fun post to make, taking a tour through all my bags lol I hope you’ll have a wonderful weekend xo

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