D0wn s0uth


Take a trip to Charlotte, North Carolina with us! We went down last weekend for a car show & spent the night at a hotel on Friday after an almost 6-hour drive *wow*


I wanted to be comfy for the long ride down ^ so I bundled up under one of my biggest cardigans & made sure to wear my Crocs…that way I could take them off & sit criss-cross when I want to be extra comfy. Justin just got the AC tuned in the Ferrari before we left, so we didn’t have to sweat thru the leather seats the entire drive lol

Wine room

We ate dinner at Ruth’s Chris steakhouse ^ Justin got us a reservation in the wine room for the evening which was such a neat experience! It was all the way in the back of the restaurant & we had it totally to ourselves. We bought like 3 bottles of wine + a huge boxed bottle of ice wine that they had been storing in the freezer. Very cool!

Camera 2

We left Oscar out of his room for the night while we were gone ^ I think he was probably confused that he didn’t get put away for the night after being fed (gave him 2 cans of food before leaving earlier that day). We were able to see him a few times on the security camera we left inside the house for the trip which made me miss him more, but it was still reassuring to know he was doing/being good by himself.


It was my first time staying at this hotel, but Justin had stayed here previously with his dad & brother ^ it was very luxurious & we even got our room upgraded to a suite upon arrival. It was on the 11th floor & it was at the corner. We took a bath after dinner & then checked on Oscar after getting ready to sleep. I think we both had a very good night’s sleep. Funny how that always happens in a hotel (even though our new mattress is super comfortable). The view of the city in the sunshine from the corner windows in the early morning was so wicked ~ I’m glad we were that high up!

The show

I didn’t take any photos of the other cars cause to me, once you’ve been to one of these ^ you’ve seen them all lol I’ve posted some snapshots in a previous post from the last show we came down here for. Here’s the Ferrari in its new red color finally! The pop-up headlights are adorable. What’s your favorite part? Do you like old Ferrari? This one is a 1999 456M GTA (it was crazy hot the whole show…honestly couldn’t wait to get back into the AC & jet back up to VA)

Rest stop

We stopped a few times on the way back home ^ but had to change clothes at the VA welcome center cause it was just too hot! Got some sexy photos of Justin in the car though 😉 took about the same time to drive back home ~6 hours. It was so nice to get Oscar’s soft body back in our arms ❤ even though Dad was there earlier Saturday morning to feed him & hang out for a few hours. I really appreciate him doing that for us & for him, I’m sure it was enjoyable!

This was our little weekend trip ^-^ I hope you liked the photos & I hope your June has been spectacular so far. See you Friday xo

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