A taste 0f Cider


After watching Mia Maples’ recent try-on of some Cider pieces, I wanted to try their clothing myself. I ordered about 20 things & tried them all on today for you guys! The only photos I didn’t take were of a few pieces that were too large + the 2 pairs of socks I got, but I’ll insert screenshots of those from their website for you guys at the end. I wouldn’t normally pair these tops & bottoms together, but for the continuity of the outfits staying fully *CIDER* here ya go:

Sweet Pink Mini Dress

I got this in a size small & unfortunately, I’ll have to exchange it for a medium because it’s just tight enough under my arms that it would def be uncomfortable to wear for a longer time than just trying it on quickly…

Heart Embroidery Blue Jean Shorts + Orange Flower Print Knit Top

I’m not sure why these shorts are called “jean” cause they’re def just a sporty/lounge material lol but they fit perfectly & I love them! The top fits great as well. It’s one of the ones Mia tried on in her try-on video (:

Diamond Sweater Vest

Another one Mia tried on, this top is super comfy & fit super well too. Love this one!

Flower Embroidery White Cardigan

Mia mentioned in her video how amazing all the flower embroidery was on their clothing, so you know when I saw this one- I had to get it. This piece is nice & thin for summertime & the scalloped edges are so adorable. Not a great match w/ the shorts…

Candy Hearts Purple Tank Top

I got this one in a medium & this shows that not all their tops are sized similarly because they have varied fabrics. This is tight under the arms & at the straps, like near my neck. So I’ll exchange for a large cause I absolutely adore the style of this!

Juice Cherry Denim Shorts + Black Lace Bow Crop Top

These shorts fit great & are CUTE as hell! There aren’t any cherries on the back though, so no worries about sitting & scraping the embroideries off. This top… gotta be my fave out of all of them HANDS DOWN! The cut, the colors, the style in general, it’s just a whole vibe. I’m in love…

Teddy Bear Drop Shoulders Sweater

I wasn’t sure if this fit was gonna suit me cause I’ve never tried one of these bigger sweater vests before, but I actually really like it & even with these shorts it’s sweet (:

Floral Pattern Top

Now this top I wouldn’t pair with these shorts cause I’m not a fan of red & green together unless it’s Christmas time lol but this is another top Mia tried on. I love this one as well! The fit is fabulous & it’s thin while still feeling like a great quality fabric. The scalloping on the edges again- love it!

3D Flowers Yellow Sweater Cardigan

More floral embroidery! This is almost as thin as the white one, so another stellar choice for summertime. The perfect yellow!

Printed Side Pockets Trouser + CICI Cloud Print Cardigan

I had to hold my arms like this because the top few buttons were being pulled (it’s a size small, so I’ll have to exchange for a medium). I really love the material of this. The pants fit well around the waist, but they’re very baggy- they’re supposed to be. I might have to get them hemmed or just wear very chunky/high heels with them (:

3D Flowers Short Sleeves Sweater

Now this sweater I fell in love with as soon as I put it on! I can’t believe how well the flowers matched the pants (just for this photo, I wouldn’t actually wear this as an outfit lol). This feels really high quality ❤

Bling Pink Cami

I got this in a small too, so it fits about the same as the top of the dress…so I’ll have to exchange for a medium. I’m def loving it as just a top though! The color is just perfect!

Diamond Check Knitted Cami + Flower Embroidery Sweater Tank Top + Cow Print Sweatpants

These were the items that ended up being slightly too large for me. I don’t think I’ll be exchanging the first one because it didn’t look that great on me (even if it were to fit), but I’ll size down in the other two & re-buy.

Cherry & Bear Socks + Bear Love Socks

The 2 pairs of socks I bought that I didn’t bother trying on for you all today cause I know they’ll fit lol but they’re still pretty freaking cute & you guys deserve to see 😉

I hope you enjoyed my Cider haul & if this inspires you to buy from them for the first time as well- definitely let me know in the comments! I just heavily suggest checking the sizing on each individual item before choosing which size you order. Thanks so much for reading & supporting my blog! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend xo

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