Ipsy f0r June


June’s Ipsy bag finally arrived the other day! I thought it was gonna be too late for me to make my post in time, but it’s HERE

The bag & the mix

This month’s bag design is super cute ^ it resembles a sticker-covered pencil case in my opinion & the zipper is rainbow? Very cool! I got a good mix of skincare & makeup this time. I feel like if I had had more time to prepare, I could’ve put together an actual cohesive look with these products (:

Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick mini in Crush

This was the item I chose to be in my bag ^ I really like the shade, but I’m not sure how it’ll look on the lips yet. I don’t mind it being a mini either cause I know this isn’t a cheap brand. I’m excited to test its wear!

Benton aloe soothing mask

These came at the perfect time: summer! Luckily, I haven’t got any sunburn yet *knock on wood* but these will feel so good after a long, hot day out in the summer sun. Very happy to have received 2 so Justin can have one. Def looking forward to using it (:

Pūrlisse Beauty pineapple bright brightening cleansing gel

Now this says it evens skintone & hydrates? I’m all for that! Like I said, my bag came late, so I didn’t have time to actually test any of these things out yet lol but I’ll def let you guys know (maybe in a future favorites post) if I end up loving this cleansing gel…

Tarte lash paint mascara

I’m always down to receive another lil sample size mascara ^ even though I really don’t use mascara anymore! They’re good to have when others run out, chuck in a travel makeup bag, gift to a friend (if you haven’t used it obviously) when they’re in need, etc. kind of just a handy makeup item all around. I’m hoping this is a good one. I usually like the Tarte mascaras I’ve tried (:

YC Collection eyeshadow quad in Star, Creation, Light, and Coqui

Totally not the colors I’d typically go for on my eyes ^ but hey, Ipsy sent me something other than just those shades on the left! Woohoo! I’m so proud of them! I jest, but in all honesty it’ll be fun to play with the orange & maybe you’ll see these on my eyes in an upcoming post since I didn’t have time to create a “final look” for today’s 😉

F.A.R.A.H. conceal & set + contour & blend brushes

I added on these to my bag this month ^ I love duel ended brushes cause it’s 2-in-1! What’s better than that? This brand has stellar quality brushes in my opinion ❤

TonyMoly Minions blemish patch

These were just too cute not to add, okay?

Pūrlisse Beauty matcha green tea antioxidant priming moisturizer

I added this on because I’m pretty sure I’ve received a smaller size in one of my Ipsy bags in the past & really liked the formula. I absolutely love Fourth Ray Beauty’s priming moisturizer, so this is another one I can use when I feel like switching up my routine. Plus, who doesn’t love green tea?!

Looks & Meii Cosmetics infinity sleeping lip mask

Another add-on cause I stay interested in new lip products that can soothe overnight. Very much looking forward to trying this!

Inc.redible Cosmetics rollerbaby the original rollerball gloss in Rolling Like A Honey

I got this lil baby for free (because I bought so many add-ons lol)! I’m pretty sure I already have one, but I freaking adore rollerball glosses so YAY another one ^-^

That’s all folks! I hope you enjoyed a look into my Ipsy bag for the month of June + all my add-ons I impulsively bought. Sorry again for no “final look” this time, but I’ll be back on Tuesday with a favorites post xo

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