June fav0rites


It’s that time again! End of the month, time to share with you all what I’ve been enjoying over the past couple of weeks…

Food stuffs

We subscribed to a new kind of meal/groceries delivery service ^ it’s called HungryRoot. We got a pamphlet in the mail one day & decided it looked interesting enough to give a try. We’ve received 2 boxes so far & liked most of what we’ve made/eaten. In my opinion, it’s better than Hello Fresh because you’re not just getting dinners- you can choose meals to make for anytime of the day + grocery items too & it’s about the same cost (sometimes less)!

Out & about

Bearing the heat of the summer sun this month ^ we got our butts off the couch (some days) & spent some time with friends & family! Even got into my swimsuit for the first time this year for Father’s Day at Dad’s house although the pool was totally shaded by the time I covered myself in sunscreen…

Lil online things

I always find it fun to occasionally take lil personality tests ^ this one was just choosing photos, so that was different! Instagram story polls, horoscopes, cute lil art things… plus, Justin & I found this Snapchat filter hilarious. Isn’t it adorable?

New & not-so-new

Nobody ever said all your favorites had to be fresh, right? Well, the blanket is, but what’s in the box is from 1880 (and I’ll do a try-on in another post). The blanket was actually sent by mistake! It’s the wrong design, but it’s still frogs & the company actually let us keep it. I haven’t taken a photo of the new/correct one *oops* I did a full reorganization of my Crocs Jibbitz recently, but I just took a photo of what they looked like on my pink ones before I did that in case I liked it like this better. The rings aren’t new, but you gotta admit they look super shiny in the sunlight ❤

They’re engaged!

My maid of honor got proposed to!!! Finally! I know she was waiting for this! I mean, we all were, but she & her now fiancé have a 1-year old already…so she was really ready to get this ring lol I’m incredibly happy for them & we’re already planning to take them out to celebrate (:

My faves ^ hope you enjoyed a look at them. Happy almost July! See ya Friday xo

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