June’s n0tes


It’s July! We’ve made it over the halfway hump of the year & that means it’s time to really crack down on those goals (or take a hot minute to re-evaluate what you want to achieve within the next few months). Join me as I show you what I accomplished/checked off my list in the past four weeks…


While seeing Rowena Tsai speak about these products in one of her videos ^ I was on the website before I had even finished watching. I was immediately intrigued! Cleaning products that don’t waste bottles? Yes, please. Another thing I can easily buy online in tiny refill packets instead of going to the store? Yes, again! Plus- all of the stuff is actually affordable & works well? I’m in. Now our cabinet is aesthetically pleasing too lol what more could you really ask for? I even saw recently that one of my favorite YouTubers Alexandria Ryan was sponsored by them & I was super excited/happy for her cause I know how much I already like these products + they just released sponges & a dish cloth that can replace up to 1,500 paper towels! Amazing! Def recommend (: if you can, look up their videos for their discount codes *sorry I don’t remember* or just see if Blueland is running any promos!

Teeth & lashes

I finally tried the whitening kit I bought ^ it surprisingly didn’t give me zingers *thank goodness* I just used the regular strength serum (even though I got a free tube of extra strength) for 10 minutes with the red light on & rinsed after. I then applied the desensitizing gel for 5 minutes as it said to do in the instructions. No pain. I think my plan will be to do that as often as I can until I think my teeth are desensitized enough to use the extra strength serum in the device for 10 minutes. No matter what, it’s way too uncomfortable to wear for any longer than that. My mouth is too small lol I’m really hoping it’ll whiten my teeth to the level I want by the time we get married. I mean, on the little teeth-whiteness scale that comes with the kit…mine are only a 2 or 3 so it shouldn’t be too difficult or take too long (hopefully). Wish me luck I just don’t start getting zingers! I also tried a different style of Lashify “extensions” that are closer to what I usually wear when I’m wearing a full false lash. They’re called “Starburst” & they have more of a spiky effect with how separated they are + the accentuated levels of high & low lashes. I really loved the look of them! They were a bit more difficult to sleep in than the standard curl lashes bc they fanned out more towards the outer corners, but that just meant I wore them for a shorter amount of time. They’re still reusable all the same. Totally recommend (:


I asked my dad to walk me down the aisle last month ^ I know it’s not something I necessarily had to do, but I wanted it to be special & he deserves to have it be special. My dad is one of my biggest supporters & always has been. This was also kind of a pre-Father’s Day surprise. I got him these gorgeous 18-carat yellow gold knot cuff links from Tiffany to wear with his suit at the wedding. He said he really liked them!

I also got a lot more little stuff done last month & even just yesterday (checked off a bunch more things to kick off the new month), but notes are for the big ones. So I hope you enjoyed a look back at mine for June & I hope you have a stellar July! Have a safe & wonderful weekend, everyone xo

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