M0nthly pet p0st


Oops ~ no catchy/imaginative title this time lol but you’re all just here for the photos anyways, right? Take a look, have a smile!


I’ve gotta admit, I got some hilarious photos of him in June ^ including a few with Justin mid-sneeze in the background, my failed attempts to use a Snapchat filter on him & even caught him sporting rainbow in the kitchen for pride month! He really was the king of all lap-cats these past few weeks ❤


Lil miss wanted to be a shy baby & hide away from the camera this past month ^ but I did get a couple really nice shots! She’s still been singing to us every night (:


Unfortunately, some fish just don’t live very long & our sweet Amogus has passed on. He will be missed. Justin wants to maybe get tetras next as they can be somewhat easier to care for/live longer than betas…

Other frens

Stan! Destiny! More furry friends we love to see ^-^ I hope you enjoyed the photos I was able to share today & that you look forward to next month’s installment as well. I appreciate your support of my blog!

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