Baby, y0u’re a firew0rk


I wanted to share with you all what we did to celebrate Fourth of July last weekend!

Snapchat fun

My maid of honor/BFF Kaila sent me the cutest photo of her daughter ^ of course Justin & I had to take a few selfies using this adorable filter as well! I love these (:


Since we went to visit Justin’s family, we got to see the dogs ^ the little black pug was very happy to see us lol while China just wanted to sit back & relax the whole time!

Out for food

We took a drive together to get dinner & some ice cream after ^ it was all delicious!


In our state, we can’t have fireworks that go up in the air ^ so Justin bought a bunch of the kind that shoot showers of sparks! It was an awesome time & everybody had a lot of fun ~ we also had jumbo sparklers cause those are a must for this holiday (:

If you celebrated, I hope you were safe & had a fun time as well! Thanks so much for taking the time today to read my post & support my blog. I hope you’ll all be back for my next post on Tuesday, but until then ~ have a lovely, wonderful weekend xo

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