His 25th year


Last week, I showed you guys what we did to celebrate Justin & Sean’s combined birthday the weekend before their actual birthday. Today I’ll be sharing what we did on that Tuesday when Justin turned 25! Sean & Kaila unfortunately weren’t able to join us for our festivities this time, but we had a group of other friends to tag along the way with us (:

Decor & dessert

Justin wanted these lemon plates & other decorations from Target for his “party” even though he didn’t want to fill the piñata with candy ^ we picked up the dozen cupcakes I ordered for him from Sweet Fix. They were lemon cake with green tea buttercream icing, they put them in yellow papers & even dusted the tops with extra matcha powder (:


Sunny or Sonny ^ we aren’t sure of the spelling of his name, but we are sure he’s the goodest boy! Justin’s friend Jonathan brought over his golden retriever to say hello & happy birthday. He’s 5 years old & while he was very excited to see us, he was still very well-mannered & well-behaved. They’ve got to be one of my all time favorite dog breeds. Having multiple uncles that owned goldens while I was growing up ~ I grew to adore them at a young age & still love them so much. It was like a gift to me!

Strikes & drinks

Justin’s friend Jake was sick sadly, but still swung by the store to drop off a present for him & took a socially distanced selfie with all of us ^ before we headed inside to chow down on the cupcakes & then it was off to go bowling! The original idea was to see a movie now that the theaters are open again, but 1.) they weren’t showing anything good & 2.) they had like one showtime per movie at like 6 or 7:30 which had already long passed by then. Bowling was a blast though & everyone was having fun! We played a bunch of games & I don’t think anyone really cared about the scores (which is always the best way to play anyways, isn’t it?). Cheers!

Justin said he really enjoyed his birthday & that he had the perfect day with all of us. He loved all the gifts I got him ^-^ and he said he’s so excited for my birthday coming up soon as well! I wanna thank you all for reading today & I hope you’ll come back this Friday for another. Your support is much appreciated. Enjoy the rest of your week xo

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