An0ther bday b0y


Oscar’s birthday was September 12th and we celebrated by just having a lazy Sunday spending time with him, relaxing. I think that’s all he really wants at his age anyways!

Wake up, pussycat

He was happy (as always) to see us when he woke up & didn’t understand why we were taking photos together lol ^ so adorable ā¤

Birthday best

One of the things we got him as a gift was this cute little t-shirt from Petsmart that says “it’s my birthday” ^ he loves wearing clothes


The snack attack ^ he wasn’t too impressed with the catnip toy, but neither were we (it didn’t have a very large space to fill with the actual catnip). He is enjoying the chewy version of his favorite Temptations chicken treats though! I hope he tolerates the rest of everything else well ~ you never know with new brands or new cat food items in general

More tee

Some less-blurry shots of his fun outfit lol (:

My senior boy is now officially an adult. We wish him well of course, he’s doing super well even with his renal failure. We just give him his medicated food & lots of liquidy, hydrating foods/treats to keep him as healthy & strong for as long as we can! Send him your love. Thank you for reading & I hope you all have a wonderful weekend xo

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