Tatt00 insp0


Dropping in to share a quick lil post from my Pinterest board today ~ some ideas I have for future tattoos. Most not exactly what I want to get but just inspiration for them (:


These are all a part of the one I’ll actually be getting in mid-October ^ I’m having two flowers crossed at the stems in the shape of a somewhat flattened laurel added under my Dream House tattoo. I think it’ll look like a sweet little garden or window/flower box!

After the chop

I would really like to get one (or both) of these ear tats done after I have my hair cut short ^ after the wedding or after the new year. I feel like it might be more of an annoying spot to have one done cause of the constant sound being so close, but hopefully it won’t hurt too much worse than the others

Still thinking

I would love to get finger & hand tattoos someday, but I still have no idea what I want. I think it’s too important of an area ^ I’ll have to really know exactly what I want.


A few of the words/phrases I know I want ^

Do you have tattoos? How many? Do you want them in the future? Let me know in the comments! Let’s chat about it (: I wanna thank you all for reading & supporting my blog. Have a great rest of your week xo

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